The Impact of Bad Customer Service

The Impact of Bad Customer Service

31 October 2017

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Customer service is something that often crops up as a topic of conversation. Think how many lengthy queues you have stood in; how many times you have been put on hold; how many cashiers have spoken to their colleagues whilst serving you. In fact, we spend so much time talking about bad customer service that it almost seems unheard to compliment a person or company for serving you well.

That is a rather sorry state of affairs that many of our industries – most notably retail and telesales – find themselves in. Any business that is customer facing should put these people at the heart of every decision they take. Sadly, this is not always the case.

You may well have seen the post on LinkedIn wherein people quote examples such as: “Netflix did not kill Blockbuster. They did it to themselves with ridiculous late fees. Amazon did not kill the retail industry. They did it to themselves with bad customer service. Technology by itself is not the real disruptor. Being non-customer centric is the biggest threat to any business.”

Reflecting on this, it’s clear to see a pattern emerging of old-fashioned business models tumbling under those who give the customer exactly what they want. People don’t want to wait in queues or be passed around or have to wait for products. They want a slick, speedy and polite level of service – and they want it 24/7.

These are things that are particularly prudent to remember in the contact centre market. Your centre represents a specific brand or product. Therefore, anyone you come in to contact with should be given a service worthy of that brand. If a customer has a bad experience with one of your agents – for whatever reason – they are likely to pass that information on to friends, family and colleagues. People are much more eager to listen to bad reviews than they are glowing praise. So, one bad customer service experience actually amounts to a much larger dent in your reputation.

And, if customers turn away in droves because word has spread about poor level of service, that will ultimately lead to a loss in profits – and a potential downsizing of your centre. Yes, just a few significantly bad experiences can lead to job losses.

It’s crucial, therefore, that any bad experiences are dealt with swiftly. Reach out to the customer as soon as you can and offer your apologies, your understanding and a potential solution. If a customer genuinely sees that all efforts are being made to make up for poor service, they are less likely to spread the word about the incident in question.

That is why it is so important that every customer is treated fairly, quickly and with empathy. It doesn’t matter that your employee is nearing the end of a tiresome eight hour shift – they have to treat every customer as if they were the first of the day.

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Written By Cheryl Stobo


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