Temp to Perm Roles in Professional Services

Temp to Perm Roles in Professional Services

23 October 2017

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The Edinburgh Professional Services market is enjoying a particularly busy time for recruitment. There are a lot of exciting opportunities for willing candidates and a host of qualified employees ready to meet the needs of their new employers. In particular, there has been a noticeable increase of temp-to-perm placements within the market.

Within the past six weeks, I have had four of my temporary candidates made permanent in their roles. This is across all sectors of the market; receptionists, secretaries and PAs. As a recruiter, it’s incredibly rewarding for me to see my hard-working candidates rewarded for their efforts. Whilst not every temp role will ultimately result in a permanent placement, it is something for temp candidates to be mindful of when stepping into a new role.

For clients, a temp-to-perm is an ideal way of “trialing” a new member of staff for an extended period of time before making them a permanent offer. It will allow you to see how well the candidate blends in with your existing team and how they contribute to the business as a whole as they get to know systems and procedures.

It’s also a good way for clients to think about recruiting for their business as a whole, not just one specific team. If a temp worker does an excellent job during their time with you, and a vacancy arises in a different team from the one they have been working in, why not consider utilising the temp in a different capacity? If they have already proved that they can handle your day-to-day work load, it makes sense to encourage them to stay within the business and ensuring good talent doesn’t leave.

Temporary work also widens the pool of talent you will have access to when looking to find a new member of staff. I have previously extolled the virtues of temp workers on this blog as employees who can fit in easily and hit the ground running with the workload. They are always keen to make a big impression in a short space of time.

For candidates, temp-to-perm work allows you to get a feel for the business; how they operate and what the ethos is like. If you are enjoying both the work and your colleagues, it’s an ideal scenario to extend your contract. Your recruiter will know beforehand what the likelihood of your temp role becoming permanent is, and will advise you accordingly. As I have said, not every temp placement will result in a permanent role, but it’s always best to treat the role as if it will.

Temp-to-perm work is definitely a “try before you buy” type of situation that benefits both the employer and candidate alike. It allows both parties to establish whether or not the placement has been a good fit and can lead to an exciting career path.

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Written By Sam Gardner


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