The Challenges Recruiting for Manufacturing and Engineering

The Challenges Recruiting for Manufacturing and Engineering

18 October 2017

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There are many challenges facing the Manufacturing and Engineering industries, none more so than recruiting the right talent to breathe new life into the markets. This is particularly crucial in the wake of Brexit, and the potential skills shortages that may result as a consequence. Competition is increasingly fierce, but the UK is showing small but positive signs of growth.

Many factors have contributed to a slowing down in available candidates, including a lack of uptake of apprenticeships and a top-heavy workforce, ready for retirement. However, the UK government is investing in Manufacturing and Engineering, with special attention being paid to encouraging women into industry through STEM education.

Here are just some of the challenges facing Manufacturing and Engineering recruitment:

Industry image

Being honest, traditional industries are always going to look or seem outdated compared to the new and exciting tech markets that are developing. That’s why it is so important to ensure that your processes and software are up-to-date in order to attract graduates and school leavers who want to combine traditional knowledge with modern methods. The challenge is branding your company as forward-thinking and innovative to avoid appearing outdated and unappealing.

Lack of diversity

Both Manufacturing and Engineering have a problem attracting women, BAME and LGBTQI candidates. This is starting to change, thanks to government initiatives to encourage young people of all backgrounds to follow STEM career paths through from school to further education. However, there is still much more to be done. Businesses would do well to appear at job fairs to highlight their presence on the market as an equal opportunities employer; welcoming for all.

Recruitment processes

As well as changing who you recruit, the Technical market has to change how they recruit. The much-maligned Millennials generation don’t look to job boards in the way their parents did. Create an engaging presence for yourself on various social media platforms – think YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook – in order to attract recent graduates to your business. Tell them your story and your brand identity through a platform they are familiar with.

Candidate expectations

Across all sectors of industry, businesses are finding that candidates now expect more from their job search. Changing jobs is still an important decision – even if we do it more frequently – therefore candidates want to know they are making the right move. Do you offer a supportive environment, clear career progression, further training or a lucrative benefits package? Then you should be shouting about all of this – it’s what candidates are interested in.

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Written By Michelle McLaughlin


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