How To Be A Stand Out Candidate In A Crowded Market

How To Be A Stand Out Candidate In A Crowded Market

17 October 2017

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As a candidate, the last thing you want to hear when you’re going for a job is that the market is saturated with equally good prospects. It’s probably not ideal to think that there are several candidates who are just as impressive or equally well-qualified presenting themselves for the same role that you covet. Within the Accountancy and Finance market across the Central Belt, I have definitely noticed that it is a more competitive place to find a job than it was last year.

Therefore, it’s increasingly important to establish yourself as a desirable candidate to potential employers. Your CV and job interview skills should combine to make you a lucrative prospect in the market. By thoroughly preparing my candidates through each stage of the job search, I endeavour to demonstrate that they are, indeed, ‘stand out’ candidates.

So, how can you, as a job seeker, help to do this?

Engage with your recruiter

Your recruiter will have the best insight as to what to expect at your job interviews. They will have a well-established relationship with your prospective employer so don’t be afraid to ask questions to help you prepare. As the old saying goes, forewarned is fore-armed, so give yourself the best chance possible by asking your recruiter as many relevant questions as you need.

Ask bold questions

Make a list of important and insightful questions for your job interview. If you’ve researched the company through their online presence and your recruiter’s knowledge, condense this into some valuable questions that you can ask at interview. Stand out from the usual melee of bland questions by asking things like: “What makes people want to work here?”

Market yourself properly

On our blog, we often speak about personal branding. This is a major factor in standing out from the crowd. Ensure that your LinkedIn is up-to-date and that you are actively engaging with market relevant content and insights. It’s important to market yourself as someone who is interested in and passionate about their career – in person, online and on paper. You should be able to show how you can add value to an organisation.

Tailor your information

Editing your CV and cover letter to make them specific to the job at hand should go without saying. Take the time to ensure that everything you have to say is important to the person reading your details. You should also attempt to answer any job interview questions with market-specific information that will be relevant to the company.

Convey fit as well as skills

As well as demonstrating your array of skills and expertise, you should also demonstrate how much of a ‘natural fit’ you are for the company. For instance, if your recruiter advises you that the company are sociable and friendly, try and think of ways you can convey this in the interview or, if appropriate, offer up specific examples.

If you would like to speak to me about opportunities within Accountancy practice, I would be happy to discuss your career confidentially. All my candidates enter their interview stage fully prepared. Click here to see my contact details.




Written By Fiona Ashcroft


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