How To Sneak In Healthier Habits At Work

How To Sneak In Healthier Habits At Work

16 October 2017

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A fairly horrific fact came to light the other week. Apparently, office workers consume up to 100,000 extra calories every year through snacking at their desk. You know, when a box of chocolates appears, or someone brings back sweets from holiday, or simply when you head to the nearest takeaway because it’s Friday … It all adds up.

So, whilst it might not feel too bad at the time (what’s a couple of biccies here and there?), your desk job could be adding inches to your waistline without you realising. Google even have a nickname for it – “The Google 15” – which acknowledges that most of their employees gain 15 pounds within their first three months of working there.

We’re totally guilty of a Friday treat here at HRC, and we know how hard it can be to motivate yourself to hit the gym – especially on those horrid winter mornings. But we’ve put together a handy guide of ways you can ‘sneak in’ some healthier choices during your working day.

On the commute

Why not get off the bus a few stops early or park further away from the office, if it’s possible? Getting a little bit of walking in – weather permitting – before the day starts is a good way to sneak a bit of exercise in to your routine. Better yet, ditch four wheels and swap them for two: Cycling to work is the ultimate form of commuter exercise.

Take the stairs

Ditch the lift or the moving stairs or any other form of ‘shortcut’ your office may offer. Take the stairs every time. If you feel knackered the first time you clamber up them, set yourself goals to feel less tired or out of breath each time you take them. It might seem simple, but nipping up and down the stairs a few times a day will really help.

Get up and go

Sitting all day is now officially recognised as a health hazard. If you can, stand up to do some of your work or ensure you take regular screen breaks to walk back and forth to the printer, photocopier or any other excuse you can think of. A brisk, 30 minute walk three times a week during your lunch hour will also help keep you in shape and get you moving.

Just say no

We know how hard it is to resist the trays of donuts or tins of sweeties floating around the office, but if you can turn away 90% of those tempting treats, you’ll be doing yourself a favour in the long run. See if your workplace is willing to invest in a free fruit scheme, or something similar, where healthier treats are on offer instead of those calorific alternatives.

Bring a friend

Sometimes, it’s harder to duck out of classes or gym time if you’ve committed to go with another person. See if any of your colleagues would be interested in joining a local class (be it for yoga, squash, running or cycling) or would be keen to commit to some ‘group gym time’ either during lunch or after work. If you’re all supporting each other, you’re more likely to stick with it.



Written By Mary Palmer


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