Play To Your Strengths When Finding A New Finance Job

Play To Your Strengths When Finding A New Finance Job

28 July 2015


Are you a Finance professional looking for a new job but not sure what you really want to do? Our Commercial Director Barry Lee, who has over ten years’ experience finding new job opportunities for Finance Controllers and Finance Directors, discusses how to review your strengths and weaknesses to help you find the right opportunity.

1.Take on feedback

As an Accountant, you will have a diverse set of contacts. The first step is to speak to everyone in your own ‘social network’ and ask for honest feedback about your strengths and weaknesses. Ask for answers to be as specific as possible, with examples provided as evidence.

It’s really important to ask a balanced group this question. Make sure that it is evenly split between friends, family, peers, customer and suppliers. Your family will see very different weaknesses to what your customers will.

Additionally, write your own thoughts on what your strengths and weaknesses are. Make sure you do this before you read your networks feedback. 

2.Analyse the results

Take the feedback that you receive – and your own thoughts - and convert into a format that makes it easy for you to digest – this could be a table, mindmap, or a simple word document – whatever appeals to you.

Then review the results. This part might make for uncomfortable reading, but is incredibly valuable.

A Finance Director friend who I helped secure a new job for in Glasgow used a ‘scorecard’ approach at this point, ranking their strengths and weaknesses based on how often they appeared in the results. She didn’t ignore the low occurring results though, and instead deprioritised them at the next step.

3.Create your personal profile

From your analysis, create a personal profile. Be concrete in what you write – stay away from vague statements. For example, don’t write:-

“I’m very good at managing a team of Accountants.”

Instead write:-

“I’m very good at building and managing a team of high performing finance professionals. During my time at Company X, I recruited seven Financial & Management Accountants in Glasgow who consistently achieved and improved on their key performance indicators over a period of three years.”

4.Build your ideal job description

From your personal profile, create your perfect job description. It will differ from a normal job description as you must include both tasks that you do and do not want to perform in your next job.

Following this four step process will give you a document that you can use to identify your perfect job. It should be a live document that you keep up to date alongside your CV.  

Barry Lee is widely recognised as a market leading specialist in senior recruitment and executive search/selection for the strategic acquisition of talent for executive/Board level appointments across Scotland. For more information on how Barry or the team can help, email Barry or call 0141 353 1133.


Written By Barry Lee


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