Job Interview Advice for Manufacturing & Engineering Candidates

Job Interview Advice for Manufacturing & Engineering Candidates

4 October 2017

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Approaching a job interview can be a daunting experience. You want to make a stellar first impression and stand out from the other applicants as being the ideal candidate for the job. As recruiters, we will always thoroughly prepare our candidates for what may or may not be expected of them throughout the interview process.

We will advise on everything from dress code to CV and portfolio preparation. We will ensure that you know who you are meeting with and what kinds of questions they are likely to ask. We believe this gives our candidates the best possible advantage and will hopefully serve to put their minds at ease. The key to giving a good interview and overcoming nerves is to be thoroughly prepared and to go in with a positive attitude.

In order to prepare our candidates for that all-important job interview, we take a very simple approach, so that they don’t feel overwhelmed by the amount of information made available. Initially, we advise our job seekers to research the company and make a few notes based on what they have found out via their website or social media channels.

Then we will send them a preparation pack via email, which includes some tips on dress code, punctuality and how to answer those daunting competency-based interview questions. Following on from this, we often contact our candidates to try and give them a ‘heads up’ as to the types of question they could expect from their interviewers.

Hiring managers need to know that you can give relevant answers that are succinct yet detailed. When answering this type of question, remember the STAR format – Situation or Task, Action you took and Result. This is the best way to get straight to the point and impress your interviewers with the specifics. If we know that there are going to be any questions wherein you are asked to explain what a particular word or acronym means, we will endeavour to let you know ahead of time, too.

Our Manufacturing and Engineering team always strive to ensure that candidates are able to shape answers that will impress an interviewer, given that we have got to know what the client is looking for.

Conducting your job search with a recruiter does give you an advantage in the sense that we will have a firm understanding as to the kinds of candidates (and answers!) that they are looking for throughout the interview process. We can give you as much ‘insider’ information as we can to maximise your chances of getting the job. In studying and preparing, you will definitely make yourself stand out from other candidates.

If you would like to speak to me about starting your job search within the Manufacturing and Engineering market, me and my team would love to help you find your ideal role. Click here to see my details to get in touch for a confidential chat.





Written By Michelle McLaughlin


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