Why Ryanair Need A Temp Recruiter

Why Ryanair Need A Temp Recruiter

2 October 2017

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If you’ve been keeping up to date with the news recently – or, worse, had a late holiday planned – you’ll no doubt have heard about the fact that budget airline Ryanair were cancelling up to fifty flights per day for the next six weeks. The Dublin based airline justified their cancellations by saying that they simply had to accommodate the annual leave accrued by their pilots.

The ensuing days meant a slaughtering in the press and on social media, where angry customers vented their frustration at the airline. As far as they were concerned, it was up to Ryanair to ensure that their pilots took appropriate breaks and that annual leave shouldn’t affect passengers’ ability to board a flight. Owing to the lack of available pilots, Ryanair’s reputation suffered greatly.

Put simply, they really could be doing with some temporary cover in order to keep things running smoothly. As a specialist temp recruiter, it is exactly this type of last minute or emergency cover I provide to businesses. Whether it’s to provide cover for annual leave, maternity leave or long-term sickness, I can ensure that your day-to-day operations don’t suffer because of absent employees.

I have a pool of available candidates who are ready to step in at the last minute (sometimes, quite literally within a matter of hours) to keep your business from coming to a halt. If an employee is off, for whatever reason, your output won’t have to suffer – you can still meet your deadlines or deliver targets.

 If you are facing a long-term drop in staff numbers, hiring a temp employee eases the pressure a little whilst you consider your options. They can help ease the transition period after someone leaves a business without causing productivity to suffer.  

The candidates I work with are able to ‘hit the ground running’ – picking up any necessary systems needed to allow your business to continue to function at full capacity. Temp workers don’t need to be trained up; they are often experts in their field. So, if you need someone to come in to your business with a niche skills set, temp candidates are the answer.

They are highly adaptable employees who aren’t phased by big projects or a new environment. They can save your company from stalling on any major work. Temporary workers are also a cost-effective option – the recruitment agency is responsible for undertaking the responsibility of recruiting, screening, skills testing, hiring workers, payroll, taxes, holiday pay and employers National Insurance contribution. So, you really won’t have to give it much thought beyond making the initial step to secure staff.

I believe my readily available pool of talented candidates could be the solution to any staffing difficulties you may face. At any time of year, temp workers provide support for your full-time staff, allowing them to avoid burnout (unlike the Ryanair pilots). It’s the perfect way to bolster your workforce at particularly busy or challenging times.

Whatever type of temporary cover you need, your business plans don’t have to be delayed or cancelled. A temp worker could really help your ideas take off. To discuss recruiting temporary candidates, click here to see my details and get in touch.



Written By Jackie Shields


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