Opening My Daughter's Mail: A Lesson About Customer Experience

Opening My Daughter's Mail: A Lesson About Customer Experience

21 September 2017

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I am seeing a lot of hiring focus these days around customer experience enhancement and customer journey improvements. As someone who regularly finds himself in the position of being a customer, this can only be a good thing.

I feel bad opening my daughters mail. My dad always said a letter is a personal and private thing that should only be opened by the person its addressed to - and this letter was addressed specifically to my daughter.

Reality, however, is that her wee hands are rubbish at opening envelopes. She is more likely to try to chew it open, and would probably lose interest in it before she reached the important contents. And she can’t actually read. So for now I don't see an alternative to me opening her letters - sorry, Darcy.

The bank that sent this particular letter out might still have some work to do in their customer experience space, as my 3 week old daughter is being chased to sign resident tax status paperwork - four days after we opened her first savings account (birth certificate provided - so should leave little doubt as to her age).

There was no reference made in the paperwork (8 pages in total) to suggest how a parent should handle this form for a minor.

It is quite possible that, as Darcy's parent, I should be signing this. However, as that isn't stated in the letter - I'm not going to make any assumptions. Is this something that could have been signed at the account opening meeting? Is this form actually necessary for minors? What happens if it isn't signed and returned - is jail time a possibility? She really isn't ready to do time - is there a process change that could be made that would eliminate the need for these ambiguous letters, whilst still gathering the requisite information from new account holders (even tiny ones)?

The bank will receive a polite email reply from Darcy's new email account, advising that as she can't yet wield a pen with sufficient dexterity to 'make her mark', there will be a short delay in her completing and signing the form. 

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Written By Dean Durrant


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