National Courtesy Month - Hints and Tips

National Courtesy Month - Hints and Tips

18 September 2017

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September is National Courtesy Month – which really got me thinking about all the professional interactions we have throughout the day that require good, old-fashioned manners. It can often be easy to forget to hold a door open when we are having a bad day or to not reply to an email request promptly because we’re rushing to do other things.

Good manners should be at the heart of every business. That means treating clients, colleagues and everyone else you come in to contact with the same level of respect and politeness that you would expect should you walk in to any other business.

Everyone is guilty of – from time to time – forgetting about ‘housekeeping’ rules in the workplace. So, here is our guide to making sure you are always nothing but courteous in the workplace.

Be complimentary 

Without overdoing it so that it sounds false, try and compliment your colleagues or employees. If someone has gone the extra mile to meet an elusive target – sing their praises. It will make them (and you) feel great.

Hold the door open

This is another basic example of good manners, but it can mean a lot – especially if you see a colleague or client grappling with keys and bags etc.

Reply as quickly as you can

We all have several things on our plate every day, therefore when someone asks for a quick turnover (either via email or phonecall) you should endeavour to do so. After all, if you had your own deadline to meet and were relying on someone else’s response, you would be frustrated if they didn’t get back to you.

Help out whenever you can

This might be answering a busy colleague’s phone, lending them an umbrella or popping out to get their lunch … Whatever your helpful gesture is, you can be sure it will be appreciated – and likely be reciprocated. It’s the basic standard of treating others as we would like to be ourselves.

Don’t leave the place in a mess

Another trigger point in an office can be if employees don’t play their part at keeping the place tidy. This could mean something such as leaving dirty dishes piled high in the sink or spreading paperwork all over an untidy desk. Be respectful of your surroundings and your colleagues – declutter and tidy up whenever you can.

Take a turn making the tea

Don’t let it always fall to one person to be the one to offer to put the kettle on. Take a turn of sorting out the refreshments so that no specific employee feels like they have to. Bonus points if you bring biccies, too.

Share holidays and lunch times evenly

Within a small team, it can be difficult to secure the exact holiday dates (or lunch hour) that you would prefer, particularly if there are several parents vying for time off during the school holidays. Try to organise dates fairly, or in a rotation, so that everyone gets the chance to get the break they want.

The HR market is all about communication and people. Being courteous is a big plus point for those candidates looking to forge a career in the industry. If you would like to speak to me about taking the next step in your HR career, click here to see my details and get in touch.  



Written By Andy Brady


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