Using Technology To Create A Happier Workforce

Using Technology To Create A Happier Workforce

12 September 2017

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Many businesses and their employees fall in to two distinct camps: They either love the idea of working with new and innovative technology or they fear that the increasing digitisation of the workplace will ultimately put their jobs at risk. If your employees fall in to the latter category, it is absolutely crucial to make them comfortable with new technology and incorporate into their working day.

As we have said many times in our blog, the digital workplace is very much the future for our Manufacturing and Engineering industries. Those who aren’t willing to modernise are simply going to be left behind by their more efficient, digital counterparts.

However, it is possible to introduce new technology to your workforce without it feeling like a threat. In fact, many businesses are incorporating digital processes in order to improve the happiness levels of their employees.

Take a look as to how you can utilise technology to create happier employees in your workplace.

Training opportunities

Most employees would jump at the chance to add additional skills and education to their CV. By utilising more technology within your workplace, your employees will naturally undergo more training and learning opportunities as they get to grips with any new processes. This will allow them to keep their skills set refreshed as well as ensuring your business remains profitable and productive.

Modern workplace

Given the choice between a modern, attractive workplace that embraces tech or an old-fashioned building that has failed to keep up with the times, what do you think most contemporary workers would prefer? By embracing technology, you give your employees somewhere they actually want to work because they feel like they are enjoying a career with a forward thinking business.

Going mobile

In the same way that we used to be tied to landline phones and have swapped them for the freedom of mobiles, many digital processes have allowed employees a little more movement. They don’t need to stand over a specific piece of machinery or equipment because it can be controlled from a computer or tablet. Training courses and ‘how to’s’ can also be picked up via app, as opposed to a textbook.

Making things easier

If you had a flaw in the production line, you would want to be able to spot it before the issue became even larger and affected the day’s productivity or spoiled your produce. New technologies are allowing employees to get on top of any problems faster so that there is minimum disruption to the work flow. Data entry systems also allow businesses to keep on top of their stock levels and deliveries.

Collaborative working

In one of my previous blogs, I spoke about the use of ‘cobots’ in the workforce. This means machines and humans working side by side in order to increase productivity and profitability. This will ultimately allow production lines to become more versatile and consistent, whilst eradicating the more mundane tasks for human workers.

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Written By Michelle McLaughlin


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