Why Use A Recruiter In Fintech?

Why Use A Recruiter In Fintech?

29 August 2017

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The Fintech market is already fiercely competitive, with many graduates seeking careers with big name firms or quirky start ups. It can be difficult to get your name ‘out there’ in order to attract the very brightest and best on the market.

In one of my previous blogs, I spoke about selling the job, not the company brand, as often these two ideas can be conflicting. This can be critical when it comes to attracting and retaining the right talent for your business – no matter what size it may be.

As niche Fintech recruiters, we are best place to help your business source the talent it needs in order to progress and thrive. Any one of my team of experienced recruiters can step in to help you find talented and knowledgeable candidates who will be able to add value to your business.

Here are just some of the reasons why you should consider using a recruiter when looking to make a hire within the Fintech market.

Market knowledge

Our recruiters know their markets inside out. They know what legislation might affect your business (specifically bearing in mind the impact of GDPR next year), when the peak times for new hires are and what kind of candidates typically succeed. This specialist knowledge allows us to reach out to the right candidates at the right time – something that is key for securing a lengthy, successful term of employment.

Culture fit

We’ll get to know your business really well; what makes you thrive and how you like things to operate. If you’re passionate about your company values, we’ll make sure that we will align you with a candidate who feels the same way. If the job at hand is demanding, target driven or technical, we’ll only ever recommend someone who we know will be able to meet your expectations.

Extensive candidate pool

We have access to a wide range of candidates and utilise special tools to help us source ‘passive’ candidates via sites such as LinkedIn. We keep our finger on the pulse: We know who is looking for a move and who would be a great fit for your company. We can get in contact with candidates who may not otherwise realise you are hiring.

Reduced workload

We can narrow down the list of applicants or suitable candidates so that only the very best make it through your door to interview stage – saving you time sifting through piles of CVs. This will save your business a tremendous amount of man hours and administrative work.


Certainly, there will be an initial outlay to secure fresh talent, but this is a much less expensive alternative to constantly hiring. Training a new employee to the ways of your business only to have them leave is a good way to waste time and money. By using a recruiter, you ensure that your new talent will fit in, learn quickly and stick around.

If you would like to speak to me about sourcing new talent for your Fintech business, I’d love to discuss the candidates I currently have available. Click here to see my details and have a confidential chat.




Written By Shona Preston


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