Sourcing Talent in Manufacturing & Engineering

Sourcing Talent in Manufacturing & Engineering

29 August 2017

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The Manufacturing and Engineering industries can typically suffer from candidate shortages. Right now, the markets are facing a skills gap wherein a generation of workers are nearing retirement and there is no fresh talent waiting in the wings to take over. For many business owners, this can mean uncertainty over the future.

It is, therefore, essential to attract and retain the top talent to your business. The key to success is securing the right fit for your business, in terms of skills set and personality. As recruiters, we do all we can to ensure that the very best candidates – who will be productive and approach their job with a positive attitude – are presented to you for interview.

But when the market seems to have quietened, securing your next employee can be an even more competitive task. So, what can you do, as an employer, to attract the very best talent to your business?

Here are some helpful ideas:

Engage with people

Engage with potential candidates through trade publications or social media. You can reach a huge audience and let them know all about your latest projects or include client testimonials. Get graduates thinking about your company is to make yourself a presence at university job fairs. Set up a stall and send along a couple of members of staff to really sell your employer brand and company culture.

Offer benefits

Not everyone is looking for a job – but they may consider a move if the right offer were to come along. So what are candidates looking for these days? Is it flexitime or a clear progression path or some further training? Do you offer any of this? You need to know what motivates potential candidates to consider a move before you make an offer.

Have decent tech

Increasingly, the Manufacturing and Engineering markets have been subject to automisation and new technologies. Invest in relevant and helpful software to ensure that your business is seen as attractive and modern to potential candidates. It makes good business sense to keep up to date.

Think about culture

What kind of culture does your business have? This isn’t always an easy question to answer, since different teams can operate in their own particular way. But, overall, would you say your business is fueled by chatty employees who knuckle down and go above and beyond? Or are things more quiet, with more attention on targets? Finding an employee who will fit in well with your company culture is essential.

Know the competition

If you are competing for talent against larger firms, all is not lost. Take a look at the employment packages on offer from your competitors – can you offer something similar or, more to the point, more appealing? Candidates aren’t necessarily going to be swayed by a big-name if their packages don’t offer a decent work-life balance and prospects for moving up within the company.

If you would like to speak to me about sourcing new talent for your company, I’d love to discuss the candidates I currently have available. Click here to see my details and have a confidential chat.




Written By Michelle McLaughlin


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