Transferable Skills You Learn At A Recruitment Agency

Transferable Skills You Learn At A Recruitment Agency

17 August 2017

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Throughout my internship here at HR Consultancy, I have learned an array of new skills that put me in a strong position when it comes to securing work in the future. I have been able to develop my existing skills and tailor those that I have only had mild experience of utilising in the past. It’s been a real learning curve – the Major Accounts team is always incredibly busy and moves at a fast pace – but I’ve really enjoyed being able to build on my personal development.

When I first came to the team, I wasn’t sure that what I had learned at university so far would be applicable to the “real world” of holding down a full-time position. That is where transferable skills come in to play. I found that I was able to successfully contribute to the team in an effective manner owing to other situations and experiences that I had dealt with in the past.

I think that is where most people fear they cannot apply for a job, because they don’t tick every box in the list of desirable skills. But, for me, I’ve learned that you can use different elements of your skills set and tailor them to suit the job at hand.

Here are just some examples of the transferable skills that I have picked up during my internship.


Recruitment is very much a “people business” – you need to be on the phone or meeting with clients and candidates. It’s very important to convey a good impression of yourself as a recruiter and be able to communicate effectively what is expected of candidates in a job. You have to build up a rapport with clients so that they will continue to keep in touch.


Whilst there are individual targets here, there is so much support and advice from the Major Accounts team. Everyone has helped me settle in to the daily routine. We help each other source clients and find candidates – no one is selfish with their leads or the time.

Time management

Meeting deadlines is incredibly important in a team with a high volume of candidates, such as Major Accounts. It is crucial to ensure that candidates are turning up for interviews and starting dates, as well as submitting invoices from clients on time. Organising your day – in a to do list or online diary format – really helps with this.


It can be hard when you feel like you’re not going to meet a target or you’ll never be able to fill a role. Perseverance is key. I try to keep myself motivated by setting smaller goals that will allow me to achieve within the bigger picture. This way I can achieve for own personal targets and contribute effectively to the team.


Finding the perfect fit in terms of clients and candidates can be difficult. I tried to use effective sourcing methods to bring new candidates in to our database. It’s also important to look for leads within social media, job boards and national news to get a sense of who may be hiring soon.

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Written By Jonathan Devine


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