Improve Your Job Search In The Engineering Market

Improve Your Job Search In The Engineering Market

16 August 2017

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The Engineering market in Scotland can be extremely competitive. At times, there can seem like an endless choice of jobs available or it can be a bit of a struggle to find anything. As specialist technical recruiters, we are best placed to help you take the next step in your Engineering career. We love nothing more than helping candidates find their ‘dream job’.

We will always work hard and dedicate our team to each individual candidate to find the job that really fits their needs and skills set. We thoroughly prepare our candidates for interviews and keep in touch with them at every step of the recruitment process.

Here are our tops tips for improving your Engineering job search.

Use a recruiter

This might sound biased, but we have an amazing network of business relationships with some of the biggest names in Engineering. Could your jobs search benefit from access to this? We are able to put you forward for jobs as soon as they become available. We can also guide you when it comes to interview preparation and help you improve your CV, should you need it. Our team certainly keep our fingers on the pulse when it comes to changes in the market and available posts.

Do some research

If there are any companies that we are putting you forward for, research is so important. Take a look at the company website or social media presence to get a good idea as to their culture and working life. We will help you find out about shift patterns or contract work to ensure that you are going in to the interview process with your eyes fully open and focused on the task at hand.

Be flexible

Perhaps you might have your heart set on working for an Engineering giant, with a great salary. But would you consider working for a smaller firm that offered a neat benefits package and could really benefit from your experience? It’s important to be open to new ideas and possibilities – you never know what opportunities could crop up because of it.

Tailor your CV

It’s important that your CV is up to date and demonstrates all the relevant skills and experience you will need for the job you are interviewing for. Don’t let your details become out of date or it will seem like you are not interested. Keep your CV clean and succinct – make sure all your most relevant experience is clearly listed.

Prepare for interviews

As recruiters, we will always talk our candidates through what to expect from the interview process. It’s then up to you to study over any notes we send or have practice conversations. Preparation is key, especially when the market is competitive. You want your interviewer to think that you are knowledgeable, competent and calm under pressure.

If you would like to take the next step in your Engineering career me and my team of experienced recruiters would love to help. Click here to see our details and get in touch.




Written By Michelle McLaughlin


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