Job Brand Vs Corporate Brand

Job Brand Vs Corporate Brand

16 August 2017

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Fintech is often described as an exciting, innovative or even creative industry, attracting bright young minds from across the world to work on new projects and start ups. Despite all the buzz surrounding the industry, it faces a curious dilemma. As it is so firmly rooted in the financial services and banking industries, it can often struggle to accurately represent itself.

Firms seeking to attract new talent can often, unwittingly, put candidates off owing to staid and clunky looking websites or job ads, which do nothing to reflect the actual people working in those jobs. There’s no signs of creativity or trail blazing; no content or video; no sign of what the existing employees look like. Because, contrary to what certain Fintech websites might suggest, it’s not all men in suits at desks. It’s young graduates and techies, wearing film t-shirts and sporting mohawks.

There is a real disconnection between the job reality and the corporate branding of certain firms. As a job seeker, you want to see a website that flows nicely and shows real, tangible examples of what your job will consist of. You want to see someone like you, talking about the highs and lows of life at that company. You want to know what a busy day looks like; what success feels like; what a bad day consists of.

You want to see someone who reflects your values, your ambitions and your style of working. Otherwise, you’re likely to look elsewhere until you see something that looks like a better fit. Fintech firms, in particular, need to work harder at creating this type of candidate journey. It will help them recruit the right talent and help talent get a better insight in to the business.

Essentially, companies need to a give a ‘try before you buy’ type of insight into working life. They need to show:

  • who does what job
  • how they contribute to the business
  • what a working day looks like

They need to inject all the creativity and innovation of the Fintech market into the job proposition values. Otherwise, candidates will be turned off by what looks like another faceless, corporate entity.

Showing physical examples of employees and being honest about what the job entails (both good and bad) doesn’t take away from the level of professionalism. If anything, candidates are looking for that type of refreshing honesty, rather being over promised and under delivered to.

As a job seeker, you want to be taken on a recruitment ‘journey’ (for want of a better word), wherein there are identifiable markers that would guide you towards taking a job with a certain company. You want to be able to see yourself as part of the team before you’ve even set foot in the door. That’s why job branding is just as important as corporate branding.

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Written By Shona Preston


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