Turning Up To A Candidate Registration Is Essential ... And Good Manners

Turning Up To A Candidate Registration Is Essential ... And Good Manners

11 August 2017

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There is nothing more exciting, as a recruiter, to have invited a candidate in to register and to meet with a truly talented individual, ready to take the next step in their career. Recruitment is very much a face-to-face business, centred around getting to know both our candidates and the businesses we place them with.

However, I have been noticing (more and more, recently, I hate to say) that a number of candidates have agreed over the phone or via an email to a registration meeting and then not bothered to show up on the day. This is very different to someone giving me a day’s notice, or more, as to other arrangements they now have that will prevent our meeting. This is just a no-show.

Within the Contact Centre market, these meetings are crucial as it allows me to put together all the compliance forms you will need to have signed before starting a position. To not show up effectively rules you out of securing a role.

There are many reasons why you should show up to your registration meeting, not least of which is because it is good manners. A recruiter’s time is precious as, like all other jobs, days can become very busy, very quickly. The time we give to you means we can focus solely on your career and your needs. Chances are, we’ve had to turn down other meetings so that we can register you, so it’s a little frustrating when candidates don’t show up.

Rightfully, candidates expect a level of service from ourselves but then fail to reciprocate that respect by not turning up to a registration. Moreover, it will make us question your validity as a candidate. How can we put you forward for job interviews, never mind a secure position, if you’ve already not shown up to registration? It doesn’t exactly position you in the best light as a candidate.

Candidates should treat their recruiter registration like a job interview. You want to make a good impression from the offset and really sell yourself as the ideal candidate for the role in question. Not showing up (without a good reason and plenty of notice) isn’t the best way to do this.

To compound not showing up, I’ve experienced several candidates who then don’t respond to emails or phone calls asking if they would like to rearrange with me but then berate me for not finding them a role. That’s a bit like phoning a taxi, not acknowledging its arrival, then phoning to complain that it hasn’t shown up.

Recruitment agencies aren’t purely transactional units – we love chatting to people and getting to know them. It’s the only way we can really do our jobs well. We have to be in contact with our candidates and our clients to ensure the best possible match.

I have a number of Contact Centre roles currently available. Not a part of the HR Consultancy network? I’d love to have you register as a candidate to establish a great working relationship in order to help you on your career path.

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Written By Natalie Wright


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