What You Should Expect From Your Recruitment Consultant

What You Should Expect From Your Recruitment Consultant

10 June 2015


So you have decided to use a recruitment agency.

There are lots of recruitment agencies out there, so what should you be expecting from the Consultant you deal with?

The Benefits of Using an Agency

Looking for work can seem like a daunting process, but we are here to help find the perfect job for you.  The benefits of using an agency include:

·       Exclusive Jobs – We often work with clients on an exclusive basis, so you may have access to jobs you would know nothing about.
·       Expertise – You will be working with experienced Consultants who will be experts in there chosen sector.  You can benefit from this market knowledge.
·       Skills Analysis – We are professional and are trained to help you appreciate your strengths as well as areas for improvement.  Take this on board as it can help fine tune your skills.
·       Training & Advice – We have the skills to give you advice on your job hunt, whether that is how to write your CV or interview preparation.
·       Saving Time – Let us do the running around.  We will do the job hunting, all you need to do is fine tune your CV and get prepared for interview
·       Support – Consultants are there to support you through the process.  It can be stressful finding the right role, we make sure you don’t feel left on your own.
We Get To Know You

We get to know you as an individual.  We want to understand your skills, your experience, what drives you, what culture you want to work in.  These factors are hugely important in finding both temporary and permanent work – we want you to be happy!  We will hunt for suitable roles for you, and keep you posted of anything that you may be interested in. 

Remember first impressions count. When you are asked to meet your Consultant, look the part and arrive on time!
Benefits of Temporary Work

Whilst you are looking for your dream job, is it worth considering temporary work and earning extra money while you search? Recruitment Agencies can help you secure temporary work.  The key to temporary work is to be flexible and take on the assignments you are offered if you can commit to them.  This commitment and flexibility can increase the likelihood of an agency finding you a permanent job.
Act On Your Agencies Advice

Remember you are speaking with recruitment specialists.  When it comes to looking for a job, listen and take heed to what advice is given.  Consultants will know their clients, and what they are
specifically looking for.  Make sure you listen and act on the advice, it will help you in the long run!
Be Realistic

Whilst we want to help you find the perfect job, you do have to be realistic.  We match your existing skills and experience to our clients expectations, along with matching the right culture fit.  Be realistic and apply for roles know you are capable of doing.

It is worth taking this advice.  Make sure you are utilising your chosen recruitment agency and you know what to expect.  It will make finding your dream job a smoother experience.



Written By Jackie MacGregor


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