How To Achieve First Contact Resolution

How To Achieve First Contact Resolution

10 August 2017

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First Contact Resolution (FCR) – being able to address a customer’s need on the first point of contact, therefore negating any need for a follow up call.

FCR is a common contact centre performance metric, similar to talk time or sales conversions. It’s an incredibly important metric as it reduces customer dissatisfaction and lengthy call queues as well as increasing profitability of the contact centre in question. Put simply, it’s a time saving mechanism that will leave you with happy customers.

It will also give team leaders and managers a clear indication of the quality of the call their agents are undertaking, if issues are able to be resolved within that initial contact. So, how do you go about achieving that coveted First Contact Resolution?

Here is some helpful advice as to how to do just that.

Minimise hold times

How many times have you been told you are definitely seventeenth in the queue, listening to terrible hold music, slowly losing patience? This situation is not conducive to FCR as customers are likely to hang up because they feel like their time has been wasted. They’ll eventually have to call back, and will likely be frustrated.

Look to social media

Customers are likely to take to Twitter or Facebook to vent their anger at poor customer service, particularly if they have been left on hold and unable to come to a solution. Ensure that someone is monitoring these platforms so that, if there are any repeat mistakes or problems, they can be identified quickly and tackled.

Offer incentives

Your customer service agents are much more likely to strive for FCR if there is some sort of incentive behind it. Perhaps if they get so many achievements in a month, they will be eligible for financial reward or perhaps an extra day of paid leave. It gives your agents something to work towards – as well as getting a better standard of service for the customer.

Use multi-channel solutions

If you know your phone lines tend to get clogged up, offer other platforms in which you can achieve FCR. Mediums such as Skype or Live Chat are conducive to getting through a high volume of customers in a quick and convenient manner and, hopefully, delivering that all important FCR.

Improve your training

A poorly trained agent isn’t going to be able to achieve FCR if they are unsure of the system or how to handle a specific situation. Make sure your training is driven towards FCR and that your agents are clear as to how to operate your systems. If they cannot get through a call without placing a customer on hold or consulting a manager, there is a fault with your onboarding process and training.

Measure FCR

If an agent knows their FCR achievements are being monitored, chances are they will try to improve their overall performance. If you see any repeated under-achievers, offer them additional training so that they can understand how to help your customers. Monitor how and why calls go wrong and what causes a customer to call back. Ultimately, it will lead to better staff and a higher standard of customer service.

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Written By Cheryl Stobo


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