Fail to Prepare? Then Prepare to Fail.

Fail to Prepare? Then Prepare to Fail.

8 August 2017

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As a recruiter, I pride myself on the thorough preparation that I give all my candidates who are heading into interview stage. I put together email packs, go through mock interviews on the phone and generally try to settle any last-minute nerves that crop up. I also give my candidates a good indication as to the company culture and working environment to make sure that they are comfortable with the type and volume of work expected from them.

Despite all this advice and guidance, I sometimes get feedback from hiring managers and HR departments that my candidates don’t seem able to answer the questions set for them. This is a little disappointing as I put a lot of care into the prep work I do with each individual.

In order to prepare my candidates for the interview ahead, I take a very simple approach, so that they don’t feel overwhelmed by the amount of information made available. Initially, I will tell them to research the company and make a few notes based on what they have found out via their website or social media channels.

Then I will send them a preparation pack via email, which includes some tips on dress code, punctuality and how to answer those daunting competency-based interview questions. Following on from this, I will then call up the candidate and conduct a mock interview to ensure that the answers they have prepared are to the point and what the client is looking for.

I really strive to ensure that my candidates are able to shape answers that will impress an interviewer, given that I have got to know what the client is looking for. I will make sure that they bring all the relevant paperwork and are able to get to the interview on time.

So, what is the moral of the story here? As a recruiter, I can get you an interview, but I can’t sit it for you. Thorough preparation needs to come from the candidate, too. Using a recruitment agency won’t guarantee you a job, but we certainly do endeavour to take you as far through the process as possible.

Conducting your job search with a recruiter does give you an advantage in the sense that we will have a firm understanding as to the kinds of candidates (and answers!) that they are looking for throughout the interview process. We can give you as much ‘insider’ information as we can to maximise your chances of getting the job. In studying and preparing, you will definitely make yourself stand out from other candidates.

But if you don’t study through our interview packs, or bother to take a look on a company website, don’t be surprised if you are left floundering during an interview. On a personal note, it also makes us as recruiters look less than professional if our candidates cannot answer particular questions – especially if we have sent you a ‘how to’ beforehand.

I love working with my high calibre candidates who are committed to putting the work into taking the next step in their career. Nothing makes me happier quite like seeing the right person get the job.

If you are looking for work in the contact centre market, I would be happy to help you on your career journey. Click here to see my details and we can confidentially discuss your job search. 




Written By Lisa Smyth


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