Why You Should Use An Office Services Recruiter

Why You Should Use An Office Services Recruiter

8 August 2017

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Finding the ‘perfect’ candidate within the Office Services market can often seem like an elusive task. It is a market where there will often be a lot of applications for any one role, but none that stand out or seem remotely suitable. That is why utilising an experienced recruiter to help you source the right talent is the best way to solve any staffing needs.

Office Services roles, such as secretarial, receptionist or Executive Assistant positions, can often be the beating heart of a workplace so it is absolutely crucial to get them right. Put it this way, you don’t notice when things are ticking over, but when these roles aren’t functioning properly, you will definitely notice the ensuing chaos.

Me and my team recruit across Scotland to secure high calibre candidates for your business. We recruit for both temporary and permanent roles, from entry level to the more senior end of the market. Here are just some of the reasons why you should consider using a recruiter when looking to make a hire within the Office Services market.

Reduced workload

Most hiring managers or HR departments are simply far too busy to sift through the hundreds of CVs that Office Services roles typically attract. By using a knowledgeable recruiter, we can whittle down the number of applicants to ensure that only the very best talent are presented to you for interview. We are able to quickly identify those with the right skills and qualities to best serve your business needs.

Culture fit

Part of our recruitment process is to really get to know your business. We’ll learn what makes your office tick; whether you have lots of noise and chatter or prefer things a little more subdued. From there, we’ll assess which candidates would be the best fit for your environment. We’ll identify candidates who will be able to thrive and work productively in your offices; able to keep up with the demands and responsibilities of the job.

Reduced turnover

Office Services roles are often subject to high turnover rates owing to unsuitable candidates being placed. Because we get to know your business ethos and culture, we will only ever put forward candidates who are going to be able to keep and deliver. Our understanding of your business will allow us to present candidates who will be happy and effective as part of your company.


As recruiters, we understand that the interview process can be daunting for both candidate and client alike. We are able to fully prepare our candidates to meet your expectations and, equally, we are able to advise our clients on the best way to make the most of the interview process. We can offer advice on the type of questions to ask and can even offer space in which to conduct your interviews.

Reduced cost

Similar to the point I made about turnover, if you allow a recruiter to find you the perfect candidate for the job, you are far less likely to be in a continuous loop of trying to recruit. Although using an agency will incur an initial outlay, it will definitely save you money in the long term as you will have a happy and committed member of staff on your team.

Jackie and her team of specialists are the market leaders at finding the right candidates to meet your needs right now, whilst making sure that your business objectives are taken care of. To get in touch for more advice about recruiting talent in the Office Services market, click here.


Written By Jackie MacGregor


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