Improve Recruitment Results By Improving Candidate Experience

Improve Recruitment Results By Improving Candidate Experience

3 August 2017

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Candidate experience is defined as how job seekers perceive and react to employers' sourcing, recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding processes. It is important in many ways for a company to maintain a respectable a positive experience for candidates as it greatly effects recruitment and brand imagining for said company. A recent study by Harris Interactive found that when job seekers had the misfortune of a bad candidate experience:

  • 42% of candidates said they would never seek employment at that company again
  • 22% said they would actively tell other candidates not to work at that company
  • 9% said they would go so far as to tell others not to purchase products or services from that company

Other studies have found that 78% said they would share their bad candidate experience with friends and family, while 34% of candidates who have suffered a bad candidate experience will share their experience on social media, which is out there for a much larger viewer base.


Between the time your new hire accepts an offer and officially joins on day one, there is a significant opportunity to provide an unforgettable experience. There should be several touch points between a new hire and the hiring manager. Some organizations deliver a gift, welcome basket or company swag. Your new hire should be assimilating to his/her new role and your company culture far before day one.

Get feedback

According to the Candidate Experience 2014, over 60% of candidates were never asked to provide feedback on their screening or interview experience. There's a disconnect if you say you care about the candidate experience, yet a company ask for feedback from your candidates. The hiring manager, whether formally through a survey or informally as part of the interview process.


Ensuring that candidates always receive some form of feedback and are not just left hanging is significantly beneficial giving a positive experience. Even if it’s only a quick email to let applicants know they’re no longer being considered for a position, this can be extremely impactful to candidates. Interestingly, candidates weren’t as concerned with finding out why they weren’t selected, they just wanted to know whether they had or had not been selected. In fact, just 5% of respondents thought an explanation of why they hadn’t been chosen for a role would improve the application process.

Increase candidate preparation

Ensuring candidates feel confident prior to an interview is an important step for a hiring manager to take. While some employers leave it all up to a candidate to do all the research on their own as some form of test, showcasing a standard communication package for interviewees will go a long way. Including things like ratings of your company, products, hiring team profiles and employee survey data will make the candidate feel more valued and invested in the company straight from the get-go.

Simplify and Shorten the Job Application

Several job seekers note that part of what makes job applications so frustrating is the need to enter the same data repeatedly. Many job seekers are now choosing to apply for jobs via their mobile devices, so you need to make the application process as easy and pain-free for the candidate as possible. One size doesn’t fit all, people excel at different things and the applies to applying for a job too. To offer a good candidate experience and to make sure you truly hiring the best candidate for the job, offer alternatives to the traditional hiring process if needed.

If you want any more information on a positive candidate experience, or how to create one, do not hesitate in contacting a member of our team.

Written By Billy McDiarmid


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