Don't Plan Your Career - Direct It Instead

Don't Plan Your Career - Direct It Instead

10 June 2015




Is there any point in asking yourself :-

“Where will I be in five years?

Think about how your life has changed in the past five months, never mind years!

The world doesn’t remain constant. External factors impact on everything in our life. In the past week :-

·       HSBC have announced changes that put 8,000 careers at risk in the United Kingdom alone.
·       A referendum in the UK about membership of the European Union has been announced
·       One carriage on my train this morning wasn’t available, which meant a particularly uncomfortable (and fragrant) commute into Glasgow.

These are all issues which could impact me - but I don’t have any control over them.

If you plan specifically, then your milestones – and therefore plan - will be impacted negatively by these type of events.

Instead of focusing on that critical path, take an agile approach to finding a new job. Think about the general direction that you want to take, but don’t stick to a concrete path. Factors to consider when considering direction include:-

·       Seniority
·       Salary
·       Skillset
·       Physical location

Then think about the actions that you need to take to shift into that direction:-

·      Further Education
·      Improve Your Network
·      Plan Your Finances
·      Sort Out Relocation

The most important part of this approach is the analysis of every action you take. Learn, and adjust your general direction.

For example, you want to change career and become a web developer. You decide to study a degree part-time online. But you find that method of study doesn’t suit you. Instead of stopping completely, you find a different method of study. Your direction is the same – your route is just a bit different.

Apply this logic to finding a new job, remain positive, and keep yourself open to new possibilities. 



Written By Billy McDiarmid


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