The value of an internship

The Value Of An Internship

28 July 2017

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Our Marketing Intern, Alex Hunt, has been with us since the first week of May, after completing his second year exams at Stirling University, where he is working towards a degree in Psychology and Marketing. Since his time with us is almost at an end (sob), we thought it was a good idea to get him to reflect on his summer internship here at HR Consultancy.

“It’s funny because my friends think I’ve spent my summer fetching coffees,” he says, “But, actually, it’s made me see my degree in a whole different light. So much of Marketing is geared towards selling a physical product, so recruitment has been a real eye-opener. It just goes to show the difference between what I’ve been learning in textbooks to actually applying strategies in real life.”

“I’ve been able to undertake so many different projects, such as writing for the blog, creating email campaigns, making images, managing the consultants’ LinkedIn profiles, having input in to branding decisions and creating databases … There have also been a couple of pretty good team building days!”

Alex joined us, somewhat unusually, before his third year at university.

“It’s really hard to get internships when you’re in second year. I applied for hundreds and heard nothing back at all because they want students who are coming to the end of their university career. I have already been to Camp America for the past two years to get a chance to experience an exchange programme but I wanted to secure an internship at home this summer.

“I’m quite ambitious, and I wanted to get ahead and get some really good experience under my belt. I think, these days, it’s not enough just to have a degree. You need to be able to show that you can apply what you’ve learned. I hope to do another internship next summer for this very reason. Marketing degrees can be very competitive.

“I had chosen to do Psychology with Marketing because I thought it gave me the perfect edge: Marketing is about understanding your customer so I feel this joint degree may give me an advantage in the future when I’m looking for a job.”

So, from textbook to desk, Alex has had the opportunity to put what he has learned so far to good use.

“I had hoped to gain insight as to how an actual marketing team functions. In our textbooks, everything is geared up to selling a specific product, so my internship has given me the chance to see how the marketing executives here ‘sell’ the recruitment brand. It’s been a really productive use of my summer and has given me the chance to take on some extra responsibility. I feel like I’m now ahead of my peers on paper and in terms of practical knowledge.

“It’s actually made me quite excited to go back to uni and apply what I’ve learned. So many of my friends have had bad experiences with boring or irrelevant internships and can’t wait to get back for that reason, but I’ve been lucky enough to have had a really insightful placement.”

We’ve loved having Alex as part of our team – not least because we like seeing someone so happy at their work that they actually dance at their desk – and wish him all the best in finishing his degree. He’s undertaken a massive amount of work for us, and we’ve loved his additions to our blog. Good luck, Alex! 


Written By Billy McDiarmid


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