Careers You Can Pursue With A Law Degree

Careers You Can Pursue With A Law Degree

26 July 2017

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Perhaps you have come to the end of your law degree this year and had a bit of a panic: You don’t actually want to be a lawyer but you don’t want to throw away your years of studying and training. You would be surprised at how often this scenario happens with law graduates. However, all is far from lost.

In studying towards a legal career, you will have picked up a host of transferrable skills that can be applied to a number of other jobs. You have also proven yourself as a dedicated individual who has supported themselves through years of hard work, challenges and internships.

There are many options still open to you. Here are just some of the careers you can pursue with a law degree under your belt.


The non-ministerial government department is tasked with making sure the national minimum wage is properly paid, paying tax credits and collecting student loans. Graduates can apply for the department’s graduate programme, which offers a four-year training scheme leading to accountancy, management or tax inspector qualifications. These types of role typically require someone who is able to accurately apply the law to different situations.

Chartered / company secretary

Company secretaries ensure organisations comply with company law and regulations. Their work includes maintaining records, preparing reports and keeping directors up to date with legal developments. They are likely to work with directors and senior staff and may be involved in planning, finance and arranging insurance.

Management training

There are management training schemes in almost every sector that you can utilise your skills in. General management training might involve spending time in different departments including HR or sales and marketing. More specialist programmes cover financial management and IT. There is often the opportunity to work towards professional qualifications.

Tax consultant

Tax consultants offer advice to businesses or private clients with specific tax issues or ongoing cost-effective tax solutions. Each year’s Budget brings with it new legislation so a background in analysing legal changes is useful. Tax consultancies, including the Big 4 accountancy firms, seek graduates in law as well as accounting, tax or business.

Insurance loss adjuster

Graduates can enter loss adjusting careers with many degree backgrounds and many employers particularly welcome applicants from a law background. Many of the skills developed on a law degree and during legal work experience transfer well to this field such as having an keen eye for detail, analytical thinking, negotiation skills and sound communication skills.

Management consultant

Management consulting requires analytical thinkers who can work with everyone, from the chief executive to the operative, to help an organisation achieve its objectives or implement substantial changes to its working practices. Good research skills and legal knowledge are key.

If you are a recent graduate looking for roles in the legal sector, or in markets such as the ones I have discussed, please get in touch. I would be happy to discuss your options with you confidentially. Click here to see my details and get in touch.



Written By Meena Bahanda


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