How To Stay Productive In Work During Summer

How To Stay Productive In Work During Summer

18 July 2017

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Captivate Network study of 600 white collar North American workers showed that workplace productivity drops 20% during the summer months. The study also found that attendance decreases by 19%, projects take 13% more time to complete and workers are 45% more distracted. This is an expected decrease for all companies, it’s inevitable with the vast multitude of new distractions summer brings to the workplace, but minimise the way it affects you!

Don’t get distracted by social media

What’s important here are the potential reasons behind the correlation between high social media use and negative emotions like low self-esteem, depression and lack of motivation: “social comparison.” It doesn’t mean Facebook causes depression, but that depressed feelings and lots of time on Facebook and comparing yourself to others tend to go hand in hand, according to the author of a study on the topic for the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology. So especially during the summer months, it will be a good idea to thin down your social media use. This way, you can avoid the demoralizing effects of enviously browsing through pictures and videos of people water skiing or taking selfies against impossibly stunning backgrounds.

Drink less coffee and more water

While you should be drinking water daily all year long, staying hydrated in summer months is particularly important for both your productivity and health. Take advantage of the water cooler or fountain at your office or bring in a water bottle from home to stay hydrated while working. While going on a run for a sweetened iced coffee may be more tempting than ever during the summer, caffeine is a diuretic and will further dehydrate you, which will make your energy decrease on a sweaty summer day. Sugar intake may also make you feel more energized and awake at first, but the eventual crash a few hours later will kill your productivity for the rest of the day.

Finish your most important tasks first

With statistics quoted earlier it’ll be almost impossible for you to be at your full working capacity over the whole summer. Due to this, when you first get into the office, use your first lease of life and energy to your advantage before both the rest of the world and the weather wakes up causing distractions — finish as many of the important and time-sensitive tasks as you can early on in your day. Later on, when you’re likely to get distracted and antsy, you can relax a bit by working on lower priority tasks that will be easier for you to finish.

Use any opportunity to get fresh air

Now this does not mean sneak off whenever possible, but just because you’re working doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the beautiful weather at all. Eat your lunch outside or take a five or ten-minute walk outside the building when you feel your productivity slipping. If you have a meeting planned, and your office has outdoor seating, hold it outside — your co-workers will be very grateful. Even just opening the windows while you’re at your desk can make a big difference in your morale. Exposure to the sunshine and having a bit of physical activity during your day will make you feel refreshed and ready to take on your work when you get back to it.



Written By Alex Hunt


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