Living the values

Living the values

9 March 2014


Monica Reid - Professional
Monica has received excellent feedback from clients and candidates following 4 placements this week. The feedback has been reflective of that of an experienced consultant which has been an excellent testament to the hard work and professional image she is portraying.
Danielle Reid - Customer Service
Danielle has strived to give excellent customer service. There was a difficult role that came on with a client, and Danielle against all odds got this role on and placed this candidate within 7 days. Excellent knowledge of her market and excellent customer service.
Jim Gormley - Ambition
Within 5 weeks Jim has worked at an outstanding pace resulting in placing with one client last week and 3 clients this week, this has been from a standing start, Jim has got the bit between his teeth and has aimed to get off the ground quickly and show some excellent results resulting in value added board already – well done Jim.
Andy Mitchell - Passionate
Andy has worked with vigour and passion of recent weeks to really turn around great results for himself and the business. During this week Andy has placed 5 payrollers in Glasgow, 1 payroller in Aberdeen and then 1 Finance Analyst in Glasgow. Due to Andy’s passion for doing a good job this has resulted in repeat business for one of the clients - 5 of these roles being with one client, one with a new client in Aberdeen following a spec in. 

Written By Billy McDiarmid


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