Meet Our Accountancy & Finance Intern ... Jenna Laws

Meet Our Accountancy & Finance Intern ... Jenna Laws

3 July 2017

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As of the end of June, we are delighted to welcome Jenna Laws to our Accountancy and Finance team as part of a ten-week summer internship. Jenna is currently in her third year at Strathclyde University, studying towards an Honours Degree in Economics and Business Law. She is juggling this internship with her part-time role as a receptionist for a major health and gym club.

Jenna was drawn to HR Consultancy as she felt this would be the perfect opportunity to apply the knowledge she has accumulated throughout her degree. Although, her experience of securing an internship was not a straightforward one.

“I’ve been applying for summer work since September last year. So many of my peers haven’t actually been able to secure a placement at all, so I feel very fortunate to be here. Some companies really put you through your paces – I spent four or five hours filling in application forms or attending interviews whilst studying for my exams.

“Sometimes, after you’d put in all that work, you would simply receive one of those automated email responses. It was quite deflating – so I’m easily able to empathise with candidates who are experiencing an equally frustrating job search.”

Jenna applied for several placements and readily accepted our offer of an internship until the end of August, when she will return to her final year of university.

“That’s an exciting and scary prospect. I don’t have any plans as yet as to what I will do once I have finished my degree; perhaps a Masters or a graduate placement, wherein a company would pay for further training and qualifications.

“I chose my course because Strathclyde has an excellent business school and I felt this was a degree that wouldn’t pigeon-hole me into a particular career. My options are very much open but I ultimately want to work within the financial services or banking industries.”

Already, Jenna is learning from her experiences at HR Consultancy, having shadowed our experienced Accountancy and Finance recruiters to client and candidate meetings during her first week.

“I’ve realised the importance of culture fit and a good working environment – that will definitely have an impact on my own job search. It’s u

seful to get an idea as to what employers are looking for, too.”

During her time here, Jenna will be speaking with both clients and candidates in person and via the phone, something which comes naturally to her owing to her part-time job. In fact, Jenna stood out from other intern applicants for her personable, methodical nature and reassuring approach – qualities that are absolutely essential in the recruitment industry.

“It’s a very fast-paced environment. Sometimes it’s a real challenge to get the concise information you need to do the job well, but I’m learning to pick things up pretty quickly.”

Jenna is definitely proving a natural fit for our team already and we’re happy with her attitude to her work. So, what does the future hold for our bright student?

“I think, by the time I graduate, the jobs market will be even tougher. It will be really hard to get a foot in the door, unless you have had prior internships at a firm or know someone who works there. But the job hunting process is never an even playing field so I hope that my degree work and internship at HR Consultancy speaks for itself.”

We are delighted to have Jenna on board within our Accountancy and Finance team. If you would like their help to source great talent or take the next step in your job search, click here to see their details.





Written By Barry Lee


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