Why Recruit Temporary Workers?

Why Recruit Temporary Workers?

29 June 2017

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We’re approaching the summer holiday season wherein most businesses may well find themselves operating with something of a skeleton staff. So, what would happen if, on top of that, one of your employees had to take long term sick leave, opted to leave the company or was due on maternity leave?

I recruit for Temporary Works (or ‘temps’) within the Office Services market, and I believe my readily available pool of talented candidates could be the solution to any such staffing difficulties. At any time of year, temp workers provide support for your full-time staff, allowing them to avoid burnout. It’s the perfect way to bolster your workforce at particularly busy or challenging times.

A lot of the recruitment reading I have been doing recently suggests that recruitment of temp workers is on the rise. The reasons for this can be manifold. For instance, companies are unable to offer full-time contracts but need extra staffing or candidates would like to have a better work/life balance and opt for shorter bursts or employment.

Perhaps you have just established a new system in work, or have upgraded your IT and need to hit the ground running. What better solution than to employ temp workers who are fully equipped to successfully utilise these systems to prevent productivity slowing down whilst your full-time workers get up to speed.

There is something of a stereotype of temps being unreliable or poorly skilled. But, in my experience, this is far from the case. These are highly qualified candidates (often in niche roles) who are willing to start work as quickly as you need them to. They have simply made a lifestyle choice to be employed through temporary contracts. Perhaps they have children or relatives to care for and need to be flexible. Temp workers come from all walks of life and all stages of a career: students, parents and the semi-retired. 

A lot of Millennial workers commit to temp contracts so that they can get a ‘taste’ of a business – something a permanent role does not permit for.

It's also a good way for hard working candidates to build up their skill set. Temporary work often allows for the transition between different sectors of business – say, from FMCG to legal; accountancy to HR – that full-time work doesn’t always lend itself to. This wealth of experience means that my temp candidates come to you with a really well-rounded view of the working world, having successfully been employed in many different environments.

For a business, the flexibility that a temp contract permits is incredibly lucrative. You can call in an extra pair (or pairs) of hands as and when you need, with no long-term obligations. At busier times of the year, or when there is a last-minute emergency, this is ideal. As your recruiter, I’ll take care of all your pay roll and timesheets for your temp workers – meaning you won’t be lost in heaps of paperwork.

If you would like to speak to me about recruiting temporary workers within the Office Services market, I’d be delighted to help. Click here to see my details and I’d be happy to discuss my talented pool of candidates to meet your staffing needs. 





Written By Jackie Shields


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