What advice would you give to a candidate?

What advice would you give to a candidate?

26 November 2015


I was with my senior management team at the beginning of April, discussing our strengths and weaknesses when working with candidates. One area of particular strength is how our entire team – from Managing Director to entry level Recruiter – each provide superb advice to each individual person we represent to try and make sure that person secures the right opportunity at the right time for them. Using that advice we give, it means that:-

  • They secure the right job via HR Consultancy
  • Sometimes they secure the right job via a competitor
  • Sometime they secure a job directly with an employer
  • Sometimes they receive a counteroffer

And this was my point to my team – there is huge value in the advice that we provide – whether the outcome is in our favour or not! With this in mind, we will be starting to publish regular content, sent to both candidates and employers, on a variety of topics. As a senior manager in a leading, well-known employer, I would like your help.

Our first topic is:-

‘What is your number one bit of advice for candidates to help them secure the right opportunity?’

My advice to anyone exploring the job market for the first time is to:-

  • Spend time analysing and mapping out the full extent of your professional networks
  • Nurture these as much as possible.
  • Consider what you can do to help or assist others - this will eventually be reciprocated.
  • Be aware of the strength of personal and professional contacts, and the value that this can bring in the current job market

What is the first bit of advice you give when someone looking for a job asks you?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Kind Regards

Barry Lee
07894 593 791

Written By Barry Lee


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