Benefits of The Big 4

Benefits of The Big 4

15 June 2017

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If you are on the verge of taking the next step in your Accounting career, you may be drawn the bright lights and big names of ‘The Big 4’. It might seem like a great move, working with an internationally reputable company in order to gain experience and insights whilst remaining in Practice. Perhaps you think it will make future employers take your CV more seriously, or maybe you are simply drawn to the challenge.

But you may wonder if this is really the path for you. Would you be better off working at a smaller accounting firm or working as an accountant for a company straight from university? Sometimes, it’s hard to decide. 

There are many benefits to applying for work within The Big 4. Here are just some of the reasons why it is a great career opportunity.

Learning experience

How often are you going to get the opportunity for a globally renowned firm with offices in just about every city imaginable? You will be exposed to something new every day, making every time you walk in to work the chance to learn something new and add to your skills set. You will rapidly develop expertise and knowledge that simply cannot be picked up anywhere else.

Work with the best

Competition to get a position within The Big 4 is fierce, so you know that the talent pool will be top quality. Whether it’s a colleague, line manager or a mentor, you will be working alongside motivated, dedicated and intelligent people every day. Whilst this might sound simple, the chance to learn from such driven and focused individuals is something that you will come to truly appreciate.

Annual promotion

It’s easy to progress your career relatively quickly within The Big 4, since annual promotion is part and parcel of most positions. So, if the thought of a stagnant career doesn’t do it for you, this is one way to avoid it. Climbing the ladder within these firms can also lead to lucrative job offers from elsewhere, since you’ll have the experience and knowledge to go further.

CV booster

When clients outwith The Big 4 are recruiting, naturally they will look over your existing experience. Having spent a portion of your career at a Big 4 firm commands respect. It proves that you have dedicated yourself to a fast-paced working environment and were able to make the cut in the first place. You will not have to spend your time convincing employers to speak to you – they’ll already be interested. 

Good career practice

Working within The Big 4, you will develop certain habits that will help your career for the rest of your working life. You’ll learn to seek out dedication and excellence, have professional skepticism and be able to take a broader view of a business. These are all skills that will serve you well in any other firm you choose to join.

If you would like to speak to me about opportunities within The Big 4, I would be happy to discuss your career confidentially. Click here to see my contact details.




Written By Fiona Ashcroft


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