Visit To S6 Pupils: CV and Interview Tips

Visit To S6 Pupils: CV and Interview Tips

6 June 2017

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Yesterday, I had the amazing opportunity to deliver a CV and Interview Workshop to newly returning S6 pupils at St. John Ogilvie’s High School in Hamilton. I was keen to provide good examples of how to present yourself in the world of work.

It can be a bit nerve-wracking to stand up in front of young adults and speak, but both groups of students were eager to ask questions and learn. The two groups of pupils were really receptive to my advice and suggestions.

A few of the pupils already part-time jobs, and most were trying to secure work over the summer that would hopefully see them through further education. When I was speaking to them, I pointed out that good interview skills can also help with university, college or apprenticeship applications and that the skills you learn during school life or your first job can actually serve you well for the rest of your career.

I gave both of the groups a hand out of a CV template, providing them with ways to break down the skills they already have and apply them to a job application process. For instance, if they had made a commitment to peer mentoring or activity clubs, this could be used to demonstrate their time keeping and dedication. Or, if they had helped to organise events within the school, this could also be utilised to highlight their ability to work in a team and deliver a product.

Most of the pupils thought that, because they hadn’t had a job before, that it would be difficult to put together a CV. Showing them that their six years of hard work and study meant that they already had transferrable skills was really satisfying. They realised that they already had a solid basis for their job search or further education applications.

Some of the pupils were also unaware as to how to create a CV, and were really pleased to have a template to work with.

I also spoke about Competency Based Interviews; what types of ‘key words’ to use when answering an interview question; and how to research a company and prepare questions for an interview. We spoke about how to dress and what types of people you can include as a reference – even if it is your very first job.

Since this generation of pupils have grown up with social media, I stressed the importance of having accounts that demonstrate maturity and professionalism as well as personality and fun. I think some were a little shocked to hear about the repercussions of posting rude or inflammatory statements.

I hope that the pupils at St. John Ogilvie’s enjoyed the visit from HR Consultancy, and that they are able to utilise the CV templates to land themselves some part-time work to accompany their studies or to embark upon their lifelong career with it. As a recruiter, it was a really rewarding experience to be able to reach out to young adults and offer some advice.

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Written By Sam Gardner


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