HR Consultancy achieves Investors in Young People Good Practice Award

HR Consultancy achieves Investors in Young People Good Practice Award

31 March 2015


The Scottish Government has partnered with Investors in People Scotland to create the “Investors in Young People” Best Practice Award and we are delighted to announce that HR Consultancy have acheived it! This framework seeks to reward and recognise employers who demonstrate excellence in recruiting and retaining Young People, while encouraging others to begin working with Young People.
As the only people management standard that focuses on an employer’s recruitment and retention of young people. This represents a true commitment to the training and development of young people and demonstrates HR Consultancy as an employer of choice for young people. The introspective process of achieving the award will help our business grow and flourish in the knowledge that we have the strongest of foundations in our critical commodity, our employees. We want to forge a business that is built on quality processes and procedures where each employee is taught to do things the HR Consultancy way and where we live and breathe our values, and to be known as a company that people want to be part of.
The business was assessed on the following criteria;
1.     Attracting & Recruiting Young People
2.     Supporting, Guiding and Developing Young People
3.     Retaining Young People
The fact that we have achieved this award is significant - but it does not represent the end of our journey. Rather, it represents the end of the first phase of our complete employee engagement strategy.

Allan Davidson is a Divisional Manager at HR Consultancy and Project Manager for our Employee Reward and Engagement programme. 

Written By Allan Davidson


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