Customer Service Trends for 2017

Customer Service Trends for 2017

25 May 2017

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Within every industry, there are trends. These can be monthly, quarterly or yearly. One trend that won’t go away within the banking industry is the need for good customer service.

The very heart of good customer service has remained unchanged over centuries – to build good relationships, to offer knowledgeable advice, to be friendly and to encourage repeat business. However, the advances in technology within the sector has changed the customer’s expectations.

We like in a world where everything can be done in a heartbeat on an app. This has, naturally, made consumers somewhat impatient with anything that cannot be done instantly. Can your employees keep up with that level of demand?

Here are the customer service trends that are likely to dominate the second half of this year.

Messenger and Live Chat

More often than not, if you are looking for customer support from a particular brand these days, you will be offered the option to contact them via Live Chat. This is simply like a messenger service online – where a customer will talk directly to a service advisor. Many brands are offering this service 24/7 in order to keep up with demand. Social media messaging, such as via Facebook or Twitter, is also becoming a way in which customers reach out to get their problems solved.

Customer Led Experience

As the saying goes, the customer is king. For many of your customers, the traditional 9 – 5 routine is a thing of a bygone era, so your brand and service must reflect this. This means being available beyond these peak hours, either via phone or some sort of messenger service. Customers who have better satisfaction rates typically demonstrate more brand loyalty – ensuring that good service will lead to repeat business.

Tracking Feedback

Feedback is key to an evolving business – how else can you work out what works for your brand? You need to be testing your multi-channel platforms for speed and efficiency and find out what is running smoothly and what needs to be optimised for better customer satisfaction. This will help you deliver a more personalised experience to your customers; another key component of brand loyalty. Invest in the tech to help you keep your systems up to date.

Data Drives

Creating a homogenised view of consumers across every business touch point is the holy grail of truly personalised customer service. Obtaining data from every element of your business is the key to getting as close as possible to this ideal. Recently, the software used by customer support teams has become increasingly agile and intelligent. Whilst this market blossoms, the collection of data that can help improve the customer experience will soon become even more accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Virtual Outsourcing

Research has shown that customers are only prepared to wait for ten minutes on hold before they will hang up. If you are really busy, and that ten minute deadline look unachievable, there has to be another alternative to keep the customer onside. This is where virtual service advisors can come in to play. They can offer customers a list of potential solutions to their problems. A human advisor can then pick the matter up if it is not resolved.

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Written By Shona Preston


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