A Thank You From The Prince's Trust

A Thank You From The Prince's Trust

19 May 2017

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My colleagues are still chatting about the great time they had at The Prince’s Trust Financial Lunch through in Edinburgh earlier this month. Our Commercial Director, Barry Lee, is particularly thrilled to have given a speech at the event, which we sponsored for the second year running.

As a company, we have a lot of admiration and respect for the Trust, which works so hard to restore confidence in our young people and set them on the right path in to the world of work. There is so much training and self-esteem building that goes in to their programmes. The young people who emerge from them are equipped to either flourish along a career path or establish their own business.

Not only are they working hard at building the next generation of workers, but they also put a lot of planning and effort in to their events, such as the Financial Lunch. We are only too happy to help out. Our Divisional Director, Shona Preston, sat on the committee to plan the day and we had several volunteers to take a seat at our table.

So, imagine my delight when I received a letter from Allan Watt, the Director at The Prince’s Trust to thank us for our involvement in the day.

He mentioned how much the guests enjoyed Barry’s speech and thanked Shona for her hard work and dedication to the cause. He also relayed that, although donations are still rolling in from the event, to date the Trust has raised an astonishing £31,941.

What a fantastic sum that is – and a testament to the charity’s unfaltering hard graft. They will fight for every penny to fund the futures of our young people. It’s so inspiring – especially when you can witness the end result. This was the case at the Financial Lunch when a young man, Damon Huston, stood up and spoke about his experiences before and after being introduced to the Trust.

So many young people find that society – be that the education system or their own parents – simply have given up on them. The Prince’s Trust can transform the lives of these young people by getting them in to training programmes, further education, employment or business ownership.

It was so kind of Allan to write to HR Consultancy and offer his thanks. We are only too happy to support the Trust – through events or by sending our recruiters out to deliver practical job search advice – and all its efforts.

We hope to continue to raise money for this wonderful charity throughout the year.

If you would like to know more about The Prince’s Trust, you can visit their website. You can also read about our experiences at The Financial Lunch by clicking here





Written By Hilary Roberts


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