Job Seekers and Employers - Can you identify a fake online profile?

Job Seekers and Employers - Can you identify a fake online profile?

9 April 2015









For job seekers and employers, fake profiles on social media sites are a significant problem. How can you identify whether a candidate or a recruiting manager is genuine or not?

You normally get a gut feeling about whether an invitation to connect is from a fake profile or not. The job title, location, or picture will normally give it away. This morning, I woke up to this:-

Straight away, I recognised that this was probably a fake profile because of both the American military job title (a fairly common occurrence on fake profiles, perhaps to appeal to those of a patriotic nature) and the location.

But how can I confirm?

(1) Check the email address

Hit reply on the connection email and look at the email address of the person sending the connection request. If it's fake, it probably won't match up to the profile (like in this case).

(2) Check the picture

The picture on this one looks like it could be genuine. Because I use the Google Chrome browser (this technique is also available on other browsers with extensions), then I can right click on the picture and search on Google for that image:-

When I search the picture, Google gives you these results:-

So I immediately know via this search that this is a fake profile.

Simple and quick way to identify most fake profiles on LinkedIn and other social media sites. 

Written By Billy McDiarmid


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