More Things You'd Find In A 90s Office

More Things You'd Find In A 90s Office

12 May 2017

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We love a bit of nostalgia here at HR Consultancy. Gazing wistfully at the glory days of our careers, we remember fax machines and phone books; MSN messenger and modems. These were the days before regular internet access meant we couldn’t be distracted by hours of cat memes.

How productive we must have been! With our neon cargo trousers and platform trainers …

Thankfully, our dress sense and our technology has evolved since then. Here’s another trip back in time to the 90s office.

BBC Computer 

So clunky, so beige. These were a regular feature in many offices until ‘cooler’ iMacs came on the market.

Adding Machines


So much more than a calculator, these chunky, sturdy multiplying machines printed off endless receipts.



Before memes took over, this was one of the best ways to while away the hours in work. We never fully understand the rules.

Business Cards


Who needs a business card these days when you can just connect on LinkedIn?

Windows for Dummies 

There was at least one colleague who purchased this in a bold endeavour to get to grips with new technology.

Mechanical pencils


Although they did snap pretty easily, the sheer joy from clicking out the next bit of lead was almost too much!

Nokia mobiles


You could charge that bad boy up and three days later, it would still be on 95% battery. Bliss.

CD Holders

Because you probably had an AOL free trial that you had to store somewhere.

Happy Friday! 





Written By Mary Palmer


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