The Prince's Trust Financial Lunch 2017

The Prince's Trust Financial Lunch 2017

4 May 2017

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I am thrilled to have been asked to deliver the closing remarks at The Prince’s Trust Financial Lunch at the Assembly Rooms on May 5. HR Consultancy were delighted to sponsor the event last year, and have chosen to do so again this year. Having worked very closely with the Trust since 2012, we are well aware of the great work achieved by the charity.

If businesses within Scotland and, indeed, across the world, are to keep growing and evolving, they need to attract the talent and skills of the next generation.

So often, in the media, all young people are tarred with the same negative brush – they are lazy, they have no interest in a career, it’s a ‘selfie generation’. The Prince’s Trust disputes these stereotypes and equips young adults to challenge these headlines every single day. They believe in treating each person’s needs with the individual attention that they deserve. 

The Trust build up our young people, in both skills and confidence. What better way to secure our future businesses than by filling them with people who have learned to utilise what they have to the best of their ability; people who have been taught to believe in themselves and make the leap.

Most recently, within our own teams here, we have visited schools on behalf of the Trust in order to encourage young people to think about things such as putting together a CV and preparing for a job interview. What we saw were keen young minds, eager to make their mark on the world and achieve their full potential – not the uninterested, lethargic teens that the media often portrays.

How exciting to think that, so many of these young adults, no matter what their background, are keen to take the Scottish business world by storm. They are interested in developing new technologies; new ways of working.

That’s why the ‘get in to work’ schemes that The Prince’s Trust operates can be so beneficial to a business. Not entirely dissimilar to an apprenticeship, what better way to give your business a health check and add some new impetus than to have it seen through a fresh pair of eyes. (Especially since the pair of eyes in question is more than up-to-date with the latest apps, technology and social media savvy.)

As a country, we need to adapt to the changing employment landscape. We need to secure our position in the international market as forging ahead with new technologies and the jobs, and people, that go with them.

As recruiters, we see this reflected in the jobs market. Some of Scotland’s buoyant trades of yesteryear are consigned to the history books and museums, whilst we attempt to navigate exciting and challenging emerging industries such as Proptech.

The Scottish jobs market is ever-changing, as a result of political uncertainties, new technology and consumer demand. Here at HR Consultancy, we want to move forward with these markets; constantly challenging ourselves to provide the very best service we can through thorough industry knowledge and sourcing exciting and talented candidates.

We are firm believers in the work and service that The Prince’s Trust provides for young adults aspiring to make their way in the world of work. Long may it continue.

The Prince’s Trust Financial Lunch is held in The Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh, on Friday May 5. It is hosted by Moira Patience Warren, with guest speakers Ian Martin, Andrew Wilson and Merryn Somerset Webb.




Written By Barry Lee


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