The HR Consultancy 'Benefits Boutique'

The HR Consultancy 'Benefits Boutique'

6 February 2015

HR Consultancy Managing Director Hilary Roberts has come up with a new initiative called 'Benefits Boutique' - an innovative way to create a rewarding, flexible and a fully engaged employee culture.
"I have long had a desire to create a mutually supportive and successful culture at HR Consultancy and with the Benefits Boutique, I am certain we've made innovative strides," says Hilary.
She continues: "Launching the Benefits Boutique, was never one of cost but always one of value which will be defined by the positive impact on the lives of our team and not the bottom line of the profit, although that won’t hurt either!"
By understanding that money alone is no longer the key driver to promote a number of behaviours in a sales oriented business, Hilary has managed to form a bespoke set of benefits, unique in Scottish recruitment market, that targeted the needs and motivations of their staff.
Hilary added: "We wanted this project to reinforce our commitment to our staff through the way they are rewarded and the delivery of a work-life balance. "
Consideration was given to factors such as health and well-being and how this could drive even greater levels of performance.
The HR Consultancy Benefits Boutique was launched with a BANG in January of this year and it has already had a profound impact on the way our team live and work.
Flexible working has opened up new parenting opportunities and the less rigid structure also allows the team to go to the gym, also paid for by the business, during newly created ‘two hour’ lunch breaks and the option of annual cinema membership.
This can be combined with the chance to buy additional holidays through our new annual holiday buy-back policy. For their more senior staff the additional contributory pension option has made saving for retirement that little bit easier. 
Interest in our culture, environment and unique proposition? Get in touch with our Commercial Director Barry Lee on 07894 593 791.
Written By Billy McDiarmid


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