What's In Your Lunchbox?

What's In Your Lunchbox?

26 April 2017

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Perhaps you’re a stickler for a salad or maybe you can’t wait for fast food Friday. Whatever you like to lunch on – have you considered the impact it might be having on your health?

According to recent research from CV Library, nearly three quarters of workers (72.8%) believe that their job has had a negative effect on their health and what they eat, with 36.4% saying they have gained weight as a result.

The survey of 1,000 UK workers explored the effect that working life has had on their health and diet and found that 37.9% admitted to eating more unhealthy food, with a further 34.8% saying that they snack a lot at work.

You know what it’s like – It’s someone’s birthday or wedding or maternity leave and all of sudden the office is full of cakes, biscuits and sweets. Every time you walk past the tempting pile of goodies, you can’t help but sneak another little treat. Before you know it, you’ve added several hundred calories on to your daily intake. A whopping 83% of Scots surveyed said their co-workers were frequently bringing in biscuit tins and other unhealthy snacks to the office.

And, if you’re spending the majority of your day at your desk, chances are you won’t be burning those choccies back off!

Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV Library, commented on the findings, saying: “While it’s great to see that workers in some of the UK’s core cities are experiencing a more positive result in terms of their health, it’s concerning that the numbers of those eating unhealthily are higher than the former.

“Boredom or procrastination can often lead to too many afternoon snacks, and many of us are guilty of over-doing it when we’re stressed, but your diet can have a worrying effect on the way you function and your productivity.

“Making healthier choices could improve your performance at work, and leave you feeling less lethargic post-lunch, especially for those in the cities most affected. But remember, it’s ok to treat yourself every once in a while!”

Some of the nation’s biggest workplace snackers are those aged 18-24 (40.4%) and 55-64 (42.7%). You might not even realise how much you are snacking each day, especially if you keep a treat or two in your desk drawer. Before you know it, you’ve nibbled your way to another inch around your waistline.

So, if you are a grazer (that sounds so much better than ‘chronic snacker’), you should try to swap your desk goodies for healthier alternatives. Fresh fruit, vegetables and mixed nuts such as pistachios are just as tasty and satisfying as reaching for yet another packet of crisps.

We wrote previously about the merits of having a healthy lunch every day and how important it is to take some time away from your desk. If your office is near a gym or a park, why not go for some exercise during your lunch hour? Sitting down has been proven to cause heart disease and strokes as much as a poor diet does so getting active during the day is the best way to combat this.

Why not even suggest a lunchtime walking or running club? Or sign your team to take part in a charity marathon (obviously ask them first!).

Plus, that way a wee treat on a Friday or after pay day won’t seem as bad - we literally can’t get to McDonald’s quick enough after our wages go in!

So, office workers of Scotland, put down the biccies! Or, if you have your heart set on one, at least try and balance it out.

Happy snacking!







Written By Mary Palmer


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