Hiring A Manager: Internal Promotion Vs External Recruitment

Hiring A Manager: Internal Promotion Vs External Recruitment

25 April 2017

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As a hiring manager, you can often be faced with difficult decisions. One of which can be, when a senior or managerial role within payroll becomes vacant, do you promote from within or hire externally? This can be a tough choice.

Regardless of where your new payroll leader comes from, they must possess the right skills to adeptly lead a team, meet deadlines and represent your business brand. Promoting from within might seem like a fluid way to approach the vacancy, whilst hiring externally might give you the fresh pair of eyes your business needs.

We take a look at some of the reasons why you consider each option when looking to recruit your next payroll manager.

Promote from within

Current employees are already operating successfully within your payroll team. They understand your business; from day-to-day functioning to long term goals and needs. Having operated as a payroll assistant, they also have a firm grasp on the task at hand, in terms of workload and deadlines.

This could also prove to be a smooth transition, with your payroll team not feeling like they have to answer to ‘an outsider’. It may be beneficial to have someone who has already worked alongside your existing team take the step up.

It demonstrates to others within your business that there are advancement opportunities. They can take their career further with you, perhaps leading to less temptation to look towards other organisations.

You also ‘know what you’re getting’. If you’ve already witnessed an individual at work, and been impressed enough to consider them for promotion, you must like what you see. Perhaps it’s their dedication and drive that’s caught your attention. Whatever it is, it’s a safe pair of hands for your payroll team.

Hire externally

If the way of doing things becomes ‘stale’, a fresh pair of eyes to glance over your systems and make some changes may be just what your business needs to increase functionality and productivity. You have to really consider whether or not it makes good business sense to promote an existing employee. Change can be very good for a business.

Perhaps, if the payroll team are quite close-knit, you would feel that promoting one team member above others could cause resentment. Or maybe no one in the team has demonstrated any real leadership skills so far. Would a team be less likely to listen to and respect someone they still view as a friend?

Hiring a payroll manager from another firm can also give you a competitive edge. It will really make you take note of just how effective your business strategy is – if a new employee is used to doing tasks in a certain way. Are your methods up to scratch?

An external hire can also contribute towards workplace diversity in terms of gender and ethnicity. Diversity can strengthen a business from within and provide a more accurate reflection of your customer base. It’s a huge talking point for businesses right now.

Having weighed up the case for internal promotion versus an external hire, the important thing to remember is that you must recruit someone who can bring added value to your business and blend in neatly with the existing culture.

If you would like to discuss recruiting payroll managers, I would love to take the time to relay to you my pool of available, highly skilled candidates.

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Written By Eilidh Black


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