The Benefits of a CIPD Qualification

The Benefits of a CIPD Qualification

20 April 2017

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Having a CIPD qualification (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) isn’t always a prerequisite for securing a job in Human Resources or a Learning and Development Role. But, for many employers, it can make the difference as to which candidate gets the job.

If you decided from the outset that you wanted to pursue a career in HR and went to university, chances are you will have completed your Honours degree and rounded it off with a post-graduate Masters in Human Resources. This automatically gives you a CIPD qualification at Associate level.

However, if you are considering a move in to HR from your current role, or you are simply looking to bolster your experience with a professional qualification, there is a ‘quick route’ qualification that you can achieve by going to night school at a college. This will result in you being awarded a Level 3 or Foundation certificate. (You can then go on to Level 5 or Intermediate and Level 7 or Advanced, if you wish to do so.)

There are also distance learning packages offered by the CIPD that many HR professionals do whilst working in a HR role.

So, what are the benefits of undertaking this training and does it really make a difference to your chances of securing employment?

For some employers, having a CIPD qualification is simply an asset, for others it is essential. By having it under your belt, it certainly won’t harm your career prospects.

It also shows a clear commitment to the industry. If you have taken time (and, in some cases, money) to dedicate yourself to achieving a professional qualification, it demonstrates that you are in HR for the long haul: that you want to learn about the latest industry developments and invest in your career. It shows that you also keen to develop your career by taking on additional qualifications and learning.

A CIPD certificate will give you the chance to fine tune your HR training, with advanced-level study helping you to push your skills set into more strategic thinking, based on sound legal knowledge. It’s a great starting point if you are determined to take your career to the highest level possible and boost your earning potential.

In terms of your CV, being able to list a CIPD qualification amongst your list of achievements certainly adds a level of credibility. If you have worked in the HR sector whilst obtaining your certification, it balances the mix of theory and on-the-job training really well – many employers will be impressed by the balance of practical and written experience.

It also enters you in to a wide network of other HR professionals UK-wide. The CIPD is a massive industry body that constantly provides information and learning tools with regards to opportunities to develop your career and fundamental changes to the HR sector.

HR plays a vital part in how a business performs and the career paths of its employees. It’s an industry that requires a fine blend of people skills and core legal knowledge.

If you have a CIPD qualification – or solid HR experience – and would like to chat with me confidentially about the positions I currently have available, please click here to contact me. I have been recruiting in the Scottish HR market for over ten years and I would love to help you take the next step in your career.





Written By Linzi Murphy


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