Temporary Contracts Within Manufacturing & Engineering

Temporary Contracts Within Manufacturing & Engineering

12 April 2017

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The Manufacturing and Engineering industry in Scotland has seen its fair share of tempestuous times. Uncertain political landscapes and the rise and fall of GBP have had a massive impact on an industry that relies heavily on international trade.

However, it is not as bleak as industry analysts might insist it is. There is work to be had. It just might not be in the traditional format of a full-time ‘job for life’. In fact, contract work is becoming increasingly popular within these two markets.

Fixed-term contract work – either in the form of a temporary post or a day-rate job – can be incredibly beneficial for both the employer and employee alike.

For the employers, temporary workers can help plug a skills shortage in the market. If you have a big order to complete – which isn’t unusual in the lead up to Christmas when supermarkets can often place last-minute bulk orders – chances are you’ll need a few extra pairs of hands to get the job finished on time.

Temporary workers will come to the job already highly skilled and well-trained, so you won’t need to spend too much time or effort familiarising them with procedures. It also provides a business with a level of flexibility and cost-cutting – i.e. only taking on extra staff when it is necessary, rather than keeping a large workforce with not enough tasks to go around.

From an employee’s point of view, the chance to undertake some temporary work could stop any long-term periods of unemployment and provide them with the chance to gain an understanding of multiple businesses within the sector. It will also allow them to keep their skills set up to date with any technological advances.

There is also the opportunity to work with a lucrative or ‘big name’ brand for a short spell. Many employees are keen to have well-known industry names on their CV and, often, temporary work provides this. It’s a great way to extend your professional network.

Candidates also enjoy the challenge of ‘proving themselves’ within a temporary role. There may often be the chance to extend a temporary contract or be re-employed at a later date if a fixed-term contract has been successful.

Another buoyant sector of the M & E market is that of day-rate contracting. This has proved incredibly lucrative for those who have niche or technical skills. There is a real opportunity to network – even on an international scale – and enjoy the freedom of being your own boss.

The remuneration rates for contract work are particularly attractive for those who don’t feel the need to be tied in to full-time work. Contractors can also get the chance to experience a real variety of work: in terms of the actual job at hand and the fact that different businesses have their own way of doing things. It can often be quite an exciting way to earn a living.

Whilst full-time work will always be a draw, owing to the security it offers, temporary and contract work will continuously be in demand within Manufacturing and Engineering, particularly during busy periods.

If you are considering temporary or contract work, or you are looking for temporary workers, I’d love to be able to chat with you. Click here to speak to me about all the options available to you. 

Written By Diane Smedley


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