9 Funny (And Weird) Job Ads

9 Funny (And Weird) Job Ads

7 April 2017


A job search can be fairly exhausting – checking job boards and websites, relying on emails that never seem to promise anything … It’s not always pleasant.

But, every so often, a little gem comes up. And not in a ‘this is amazing, I must apply immediately’ kind of way. Oh no. We mean in a ‘who in their right mind would apply for that? What does that even mean?’ kind of way.

By way of example, did you see the ad recently for the elderly gentleman who was looking for a housekeeper? One snag: You had to be naked at all times.


We scoured the web and there’s plenty more job ads like that. Seriously, who is putting these out there?! Take a look at some of our favourites.

1. What could possibly go wrong here?

2. What happened to your last sales person?

3. Sounds totally professional …

4. We’ll grab our capes!

5. We absolutely agree with this – no talking!

6. Those sneaky dinosaurs – coming over here, taking our jobs!

7. Yeah, that’s an absolute must.

8. Verrrrrrry clever.

9. Did The Doctor place this ad? 

Written By Mary Palmer


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