Equal Pay Day: The Facts

Equal Pay Day: The Facts

4 April 2017

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Today is Equal Pay Day, which will be used to highlight the ongoing dispute over the gender pay gap. Following on from International Women’s Day last month, today will encourage employers to take an objective look at their pay roll and ameliorate any disparities.

If you watch our video above, you will no doubt be shocked by some of the facts relating to equal pay. With such clear gaps between male and female colleagues (who are, working side by side in the same job), how can businesses truly call themselves modern, respectful and fair?

So what can employers do to address this gap?

According to the Fawcett Society, there are three initial steps employers can take:

  • Advertise jobs at all levels in their organisation as flexible, part-time or a job share unless there is a strong business case not to.
  • Unblock the pipeline. Support women to progress to higher paid jobs. Tackle unconscious bias and use targets to measure progress and focus minds.
  • Become a living wage employer – over 60% of those earning less that the living wage are women.

These three basic steps could make massive inroads towards creating a more balanced workforce – and one where every employee feels valued. After all, 54,000 women leave their jobs within a year of returning from maternity leave because they feel they are being forced out.

Because family and childcare are often more pressing issues to female workers than males, flexible working hours, proper wages and support and encouragement to progress their career are absolutely essential.

So, this Equal Pay Day, ask yourself – Is my company offering a fair deal for all?




Written By Mary Palmer


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