13 Pictures That Sum Up Office Life

13 Pictures That Sum Up Office Life

31 March 2017


Ah, office life. It can be a weird one, right? You’re thrown in with a bunch of people you don’t really know (and might not choose to know in your personal life) and you’re forced to spend most of your waking week with them.

Sometimes, you knock it out the park and you end up in with a great bunch of people you can genuinely look forward to socialising with. Other times … Not so much.

The internet is pretty much full of funny memes and pictures that sum up the highs and lows of working in an office. We’ve picked out a few of our favourites.

Happy Friday.

1. When you’re showing your new co-worker the stationary cupboard.

2. When a colleague you’re not too keen on suggests you hang out one evening.

3. When the boss walks past and you have to grab the nearest thing to look busy.

4. That face you make …

5. When you’re not really “feeling it” one morning.

6. When you really just turned up for the free sandwiches and coffee.

7. When you’ve had a particularly good weekend and the Monday fear is just too much.

8. The power trip you get when you’re put in charge for the day.

9. When there’s free food and you’ve got to use your elbows to survive.

10. When you need five minutes away from your desk …

11. Monday mornings can be so s-l-o-o-o-o-w.

12. When you’ve really got to get a grip on your bank balance.

13. Friday = Freedom. 

Written By Mary Palmer


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