Interviewing for Culture Fit

Interviewing for Culture Fit

27 March 2017

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Technical skills and industry knowledge aren't the only things you should be looking for when you're recruiting someone to join your business. You also need to know whether or not they will be a good cultural fit with your existing employees. 

We've already produced a blog where we made suggestions as to how you can assess what your company culture is so, once you are certain, it's important to make sure that any new starts will blend in well. 

You might think there would be several obvious 'tell-tale' signs of what makes a sound employee, but it can be relatively complicated. 

As recruiters, we'll always put forward candidates that we think will best fit your working environment and compliment the team they will be working within. 

We've put together a video of seven questions that you should ask any potential candidates that should ensure that they will be a good cultural fit for your existing staff. 

Still uncertain about the hiring process? We're here to help you find candidates who will be a good cultural fit for your company. 









Written By Mary Palmer


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