A Safe Pair of Hands in Manufacturing & Engineering

A Safe Pair of Hands in Manufacturing & Engineering

22 March 2017

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Scotland’s Manufacturing and Engineering market truly has weathered the storm in recent decades. We’ve gone from being a nation of shipbuilders and aviators to exporting more modern goods such as whisky, wool and pneumatics.

In spite of the changing landscape, one thing has remained: We are a nation of doers and makers. We like to get our hands dirty and think big.

Recruiting someone to take the helm of a Manufacturing and Engineering business, therefore, is no easy feat. It takes time, hard work, passion and commitment. Michelle McLaughlin is a Managing Consultant with over six years’ experience in the industry.

She is exactly the safe pair of hands your business needs.

“I’ve moved in to recruiting more senior roles. This can be very challenging as, more often than not, these are confidential positions that have to be sourced very discreetly. They also require a very niche skills set.

“One of my more recent placements, for a senior board position at a leading Scottish whisky manufacturer, was an exciting development for the company and I was thrilled to be sourcing the candidates. The company were incredibly impressed that – within such a tight knit industry – I was able to keep this role low key until the final decision was made.”

Michelle is highly skilled at head hunting candidates, thanks to her friendly and intuitive approach. She utilises a combination of traditional methods (such as picking up the phone to her wide network of contacts) with more modern methods.

“I often use LinkedIn to discreetly contact candidates or clients to gauge what their position on the market is. In the case of the leading whisky manufacturer, I was able to present eight candidates on the initial shortlist, four of which were taken forward to the second interview stage.

“I love being able to help a business develop. A lot of these industries really want to be moving forward and I’m happy to find the right people to help them do that.”

Michelle currently heads up a team of four that are one of the top three recruiters within the market. There’s a reason for that.

What sets her apart is her in-depth knowledge of the market. She keeps up to date with trends and politics – putting her ahead of the curve. Recruitment can often be about anticipating a need, and Michelle is easily able to do so.

“There’s a lot of really exciting roles out there, especially as technology advances. I’m always on the look out for what is coming next.

“I want to work closely with our clients across Scotland to really get an insight into how their company functions: what they want from their employees and their ambitions for the future.”

It is this passion and drive that positions Michelle to give practical, sound advice to her clients when it comes to securing the right candidates. She really gets to know a business in terms of structure and culture so that, when it comes to filling a position, she knows exactly which candidates to put forward.

Michelle insists it’s about being available on the other end of the phone, ready to offer advice and guidance. It’s not about forcing anyone into rash decisions.

In successfully securing senior board roles within the whisky industry, Michelle has established herself as a capable consultant; trusted, respected and highly recommended.  

If you would like to discuss your business needs with Michelle, or her team, you can click here to get in touch. 



Written By Michelle McLaughlin


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