Celebrate International Day of Happiness Today

Celebrate International Day of Happiness Today

20 March 2017

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Somewhat strangely for a Monday, it’s International Day of Happiness. Yes – it truly is a day to keep that smile plastered across your face no matter what happens.

Even if Andy from Accounts hasn’t sent that email you’ve been chasing (for the last three weeks) or Fiona from HR has now shown you photos of her kids’ first step approximately twenty million times … Don’t worry, be happy (as the song goes).

There are plenty of reasons to be happy at work – seriously, we’re not joking. And, since it is the International Day of Happiness, we thought we would take a look at some.

Your morning cuppa

No doubt, you’ll have your own particular mug or maybe you carry a travel mug that you can sip on the bus. But nothing really starts your day off quite like your morning cuppa. It doesn’t matter what you drink – here at HR Consultancy we slurp on everything from fancy herbals to strong black coffee – it is solely responsible for starting your day off. If you’ve had a particularly bad commute, there’s nothing quite like wrapping your hands around your mug and just taking a few moments to enjoy the warmth. Bliss.

Friendly colleagues

You spend a lot of your week with your colleagues, so it’s important that you can all get along. Whether that be catching up on what you all watched last night or planning a cheeky pay day drink, the people that you work with can be a major factor in how much you enjoy your job. Sending daft emails or taking part in a charity day can all be part of the bonding process – especially if you’re sometimes out of the loop as you work from home.

Walking about at lunch time

It’s so important to take screen breaks during the day to give your mind and your eyes a rest. Even if it seems fairly miserable outside (as the weather so often is), stick your jacket on and go a wander – you shouldn’t sit for eight hours every day. Thirty minutes of walking around in the fresh air will really recharge your batteries for the afternoon. Bonus points if it’s sunny and you can treat yourself to a cold drink or an ice cream.

Customising your desk

Desk toys, little model figures, calendars and family photos are just some of the things you’ll find on our desks here. Obviously, we’re not encouraging clutter because that’s a nightmare for everyone to look at, but a few personal touches can really make the difference as to how you feel at your desk. Your personality obviously helped you get your job, so why not show it off through a few objects on your desk?

Ticking off a to do list

Studies have shown that ticking items off a to do list releases ‘feel good’ hormones – akin to those you’ll feel from a really good sesh at the gym. So, whether you keep a daily journal or scribble everything down on Post-Its, not only will a to do list help you prioritise (and remember) all of your tasks, you’ll feel happy just by ticking them off.

Work perks

More and more businesses are offering perks to attract employees. Some offer flexitime, discounted gym membership, an on-site canteen, a break room or a cycle to work scheme. Whatever it is, it’s another reason to feel happy. Maybe that emergency brekkie roll saved your bacon (ahem) or maybe hitting the gym at lunch time makes you feel good. Whatever perks you get, make the most of them.

Treats for lunch

Every office has a cheat day, right? Or is it just us that charge en masse to McDonalds and Subway on a Friday? We love a wee treat for lunch or when someone brings in goodies to munch on throughout the afternoon. A wee tray of donuts here, some bags of sweets there … No wonder some workplaces are offering discounted gym memberships!

Closing a deal

There’s nothing quite like the rush of hitting a target, closing a deal or delivering a really big presentation at work. Absolutely doing your best and nailing it? YAY for that. Any achievements in work – on a big or small scale – are something to be celebrated and be happy about. Be proud of what you have accomplished and remember it whenever you’re having a bad day.

Given that we spend most of our waking week at work, it’s so important to be happy in your job. If you’re not, talk to your boss … Or come talk to us. One of our experienced recruiters could put you on the right career path today.




Written By Mary Palmer


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