Is Working From Home More Productive Than The Office?

Is Working From Home More Productive Than The Office?

9 March 2017



If you’re a city centre worker, you may think that the idea of working from home sounds perfect. You can sit in your pyjamas, catch a little bit of TV, stick on the kettle whenever you fancy … All in all, it seems like a much easier life than sitting a desk all day, right?

Actually, a recent study from The Cartridge People has discovered that people who work in an office are way more distracted during the day. Working from home – as well as dodging that commute – makes you more productive!

Although there were a list of things that could prove distracting, those who worked from home reported that they received a maximum of three disturbances to their working day, whilst those who were office based had well over ten each day.

For office workers, ten distractions or more per day is a fairly high number when it comes to getting through your workload. Think about it: Colleagues stopping to chat at your desk, making a cuppa, a sneaky glance at Facebook …

Cold callers, deliveries and phone calls from partners or family were the top three biggest distractions for those who work at home. But 65% of those surveyed said that they absolutely got more work done from home than in the office. That’s a pretty high number.

One of the key factors in increased productivity is getting to choose their working hours – some people like to get a burst of work done first thing whilst others maybe don’t get in to their stride until later in the day.

Of those surveyed, 45% of those who work from home said they had created a home office environment anyway, to get them in to a ‘work mode’ that would not involve sitting in their comfies wondering when Homes Under the Hammer comes on.

They also took more regular screen breaks – something that is absolutely crucial to beat the post lunch slump. Although, somewhat conversely, one in five home-workers admitted to not properly taking a lunch break.

Not having to face a commute and flexible working hours are the main reasons why those who work from home choose to do so. No more squashing up on the train or running for the bus for this lot. And home workers are likely to be more safe – with significantly more purchasing ergonomic chairs and equipment to ensure comfort.

So whilst the stereotype of working from home sounds like a great way to fritter away your working week, it actually might be the best way to finally tick off everything on that to-do list.

Some companies are willing to offer flexible working solutions, such as one day from home, so why not put it to the test?

Maybe just hide the remote the first couple of times … 



Written By Mary Palmer


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Posted on Wednesday, December 27, 2017 12:49 by Mike
I would like to work from home as im a single dad And id love opportunity to work with you thank you
Posted on Saturday, March 18, 2017 18:15 by James copeland

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